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4 Simple Ways To Make Email Marketing Work For You

“You’ve got mail.”

These three little words made heartbeats flutter in the 90s.

The email era was simpler, less detailed and less customized to market your business to the maximum number of people on your email list.

However, with the social media boom, many people have started discarding the chunky email marketing for its snippier counterparts.

Does that mean email marketing has become extinct?

Not entirely.

After all, you can never turn your back on the originator of online marketing. Can you?

Email marketing is still churning out dollars and connecting businesses to subscribers. It is still the foundation of internet communication.  

Hence, we proclaim that email marketing is still in business because:

  • People still check their email every day.
  • Your social media accounts feed off emails and vice versa.
  • You can categorize and customize your content marketing strategies in an email.

But the key to open the doors of email marketing is to make receivers actually open the mail, not mark it as ‘read’ and keep scrolling down their inbox.

Our Tips To Make Email Marketing Work For You

Stop the spam!

If you are one of the culprits who is clogging your list’s inboxes, then you are sure to be blacklisted or sent to the Junk Mail section very soon!

Instead of multiple emails and in-your-face-marketing strategies, send an email that touches your readers’ emotions, gives them valuable information, and that actually gets read.

Keep it short and sweet.

The reason social media has taken over the digital marketing arena is that it is short and snappy. But who said emails can’t be too?

Emails should not be synonymous with essays. You need to send emails that are short, sweet, and easy to digest on the commute, and especially on mobile devices! Your readers will appreciate your straightforward tone and your tendency to not fall into the rabbit hole of eternal rambling.

Subject lines are worth the effort.

Do not rush through those subject lines, headings, and sub-headings. They are very useful in your plea to persuade the receiver. They can actually be the difference between an ‘unread’ and ‘read’ email!

This is why you need to create a subject line that stops the subscriber mid-scroll and makes them open the email. Once they do that, get them through the copy by using smart, snippy headings that keep them hooked and make them read the whole text.

Incorporate actionable content.

The call-to-action (CTA) is the trigger your readers need to make your marketing a success. This is why you need to place each one strategically for maximum impact.

Use CTA buttons and multiple call-to-action links so that the reader doesn’t miss the CTA. Yet, try not to be too obvious or sound desperate enough for them to laugh at the pathetic ploy. You need to persuade them to take the action, not beg them for a pity click!

If you take time to design a well-organized, summarized marketing email that is both persuasive and enlightening, then you have done it. You have worked out a way to make email work for you!

Remember: Email marketing is a tried and tested tool. Just don’t make it dull, long, and boring!

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