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4 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Most of us have heard the adage: Content is king.

If you’ve created a ton of content and posted about it on social media, then why isn’t your site among web royalty? Why is your content not working?

In an era where everyone has embraced digital marketing, you need more than just “new, regular content” to really make some noise.

This is why instead of scrambling around for ideas and buzzwords, it’s best to take a step back and look at your content marketing strategies. At the end of the day, these strategies are what will push your content forward - and may even get your creative juices flowing again.

Here are a few tips to help you with your content marketing:

Tip # 1 - Keep it fresh.

One of the drawbacks of constantly churning out content is that it all starts to look the same.

This is why you need to redesign your presentation to make the content look new - even when it isn’t!

You can accomplish this by:

Tip # 2 - Get back to basics.

Look beyond the hype and choose relevant topics that will help your content last longer.

Evergreen content has the potential to keep your archive active long after the hype of the news-based articles has died down.

This is because:

If you approach some of your content with this strategy, you will find that the old school topics like “Marketing 101” are visited more often and for much longer than the ones like “Top Trends of 2018.”

Tip # 3 - Get “up close and personal.”

It used to be that “professional” brand images were the ones who ruled the marketing world. Those brands with a no-nonsense attitude were considered better than their over-friendly counterparts.

Now, however, the roles have reversed, the consumers have become hungry for content that gives them an understanding of how things work in the other end. In short, they crave human contact in the world full of screens.

You can feed them by:

  • Synchronizing your content with social media accounts
  • Going live on Periscope, Facebook, or Instagram to make them feel like they are a part of your team
  • Asking them to provide feedback to keep the conversation two-sided

Tip # 4 - Get others involved.

It is no big secret that at the end of the day, your content marketing strategies have one single goal and that is to sell your brand.

Consumers know this and this is why they may not always liking the content you provide, but they may like user-generated content. By bringing in a third party to review your products or services, they will hear a “regular” person’s voice backing up your brand’s voice. This will make your content appear more reliable.

In Conclusion…

That’s it, four simple and practical strategies to refresh your content marketing game.

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