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5 Signs You’re Ready To Hand Your Social Media Marketing Off To Someone Else

Reading through your Facebook feed, sharing items on LinkedIn, pinning on Pinterest, DMing on Instagram, tweeting, posting on LinkedIn, creating video content for YouTube, all while also making sure customers are taken care of and bills are getting paid. It can all be a bit much for a business owner to take on.

Today, we’re looking at when you can know that it’s time to hire someone to take your Denver social media marketing off of your hands!

You spend more of your day stuck in marketing and administrative tasks than on your business.

If you are spending more of your day working on your marketing pieces than actually working ON your business, then it’s probably time to hand things off to the professionals.

Sales have hit a plateau.

If you can’t follow up on requests for information or potential proposal opportunities because your time is being sucked up by these marketing and administrative tasks, then it’s probably time to hand things off.

Your education time is being spent on how to fix up social media profiles rather than learning more about your business and your customer base.

All small business owners need to keep learning and growing, but if you’re spending more time learning about the little tasks than on the big picture stuff that matters to your clients, then you have too much on your plate.

You are struggling to connect with your audience online.

If your engagement starts to dip or reviews aren’t coming in like they used to, some business owners may start to panic. They may put out more content or the wrong kind of content in order to try to “get back” some of that engagement. Professional digital marketers will know how to handle these dips and how to make course corrections that will help.

You dread opening any social media applications.

Even if it’s just “after hours” and you want to check out your niece’s new baby pictures, hitting the Facebook icon on your phone fills you with a sense of dread.

By outsourcing your Denver social media marketing, you can:

  • Ramp up production or focus on getting new clients.
  • Break through any sales plateaus.
  • Hand off tedious, energy-draining tasks.
  • Grow your business more than you thought was possible!

With all of this in mind, ask yourself: Is your social media marketing something you want to take on yourself? Or would your time (and by extension, your dollars) be better spent on building your business while you leave the Denver social media marketing to the professionals?

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