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8 Reasons Why DIY Social Media Isn’t Right For Your Business

You’ve created a business page on LinkedIn, a local business page on Facebook, set up a Twitter account, and voila! Your business is established on social media and followers should be flocking to you, right? Not so fast there. Effective, strategic Denver social media marketing is about so much more than just “putting your business out there.”

Why Denver Social Media Marketing Isn’t A DIY Project?

Deciding Which Social Networks Will Work Best To Start

As Denver social media marketing professionals, we want to know everything we can about our new clients. Their business, offerings, intended audience and perfect client profile. All of this information leads us to know which social media networks to get them set up on.

With years of experience and managing multiple clients, we can assess the information gathered and identify if LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram will be the best platform for you. This information can also help us know what platforms we don’t need to spend extra efforts on. Believe it or not, social media platforms are not one-size-fits-all.

Setting Up Profiles & Optimizing Them For Each Social Network

It can be tedious and time-consuming to set up and optimize your social media accounts. Assuring all of your images are sized correctly, information is displayed accurately, and that your keywords are prevalent, is a tall order. However, these are necessary steps to making sure your business is found on social media!

Picking An Effective Schedule

Knowing when your audience is most likely to be online can be difficult! Picking the wrong time can mean your message may get lost in a sea of updates. Timing them correctly on a consistent basis can only make a positive impact on your strategy.

Knowing What Content To Send When

It’s no secret that your content can’t be 100% promotional. Where can you find that perfect 80% informational content that is both engaging and educational? It’s tricky!

Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

Once your social platforms set up and running smoothly, do you have the time to invest in them and the updating trends? Wanting to stay ahead of the curve for your business will take a large time investment on your part! Unfortunately, that could mean taking time away from the business of building yours!

Tracking Metrics

Okay, we’re nerds here so we LOVE looking at the numbers and charts and knowing what all of it means! With our professional expertise, we understand what some other people may not. And that’s ok! Tracking post engagement, how many followers you’ve lost or gained over a period of time, knowing how to schedule out posts, and when to boost them is a science!

Difficulty Being Objective

As a business owner, it’s hard to stay objective about your own business. You obviously love your clients and what you offer, so it’s hard to read some of the comments or grasp why people wouldn’t be following you or liking your stuff. Having an “outsider” who knows digital marketing but can look at your business objectively can help you gain perspective, too.

Marketing Takes Talent And Know-How

Great marketing campaigns and strategies take behind-the-scenes talent and the expertise that years of experience bring to the table. You’ve started a business and built it up tremendously. That skill, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into the marketing side of things.

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