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9 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still Important

Texting, apps, bots, social media, email marketing, traditional marketing, and advertising… What is the best way to get your customer’s attention? Denver email marketing experts weigh in and answer: All of it! (In the right doses, of course.)

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of electronic marketing, but it is still very prevalent in today’s society.

Why Is Email Marketing Still Important In Today’s Digital World?

Email marketing allows you to build relationships with your audience.

Email communication with your audience, prospective customers, and existing clients, is important because it takes at least 5-7 “touches” (or “drips”) to get someone to want to buy into your brand.

Email marketing is agile.

If you want to get a message out to your list, you can create it quickly and make it look polished. No waiting for flyers to print or the mail to get sent out. Just compose and send!

Email marketing is measurable.

When you use email marketing software, you can track who opened your email, forwarded your email, clicked on the links in the email, and how many people unsubscribed.

Not only are you able to view all of these statistics, but they are produced relatively quickly. With each new email sent out, you can quickly use these stats to make adjustments to your plan, if you need to, and then keep emailing from there.

Email marketing is cost-effective.

Most advertising is much more expensive and doesn’t target your anticipated audience as much as emailing directly to your organic email list does.

People want your email marketing!

If you collect email addresses on your website, blog, or any other forms of social media, people are opting in to get emails from you. They have demonstrated their desire  to see the deals you have going on or any special events coming up. You have a captive audience!

Not only do they ASK for your email marketing, but they’re looking for it!

On average, people check their email over 70 times per day. 70 times! And one of the things they are looking for is your email with pertinent information each time they check. Connect with them!

Email marketing doesn’t call for brevity.

So you don’t want to rewrite War and Peace via email or anything, but you do have more characters to play with in an email than you do for most social networks.

Email marketing can be highly personalized.

With proper list maintenance and the right sign-up forms, you can create messages to segmented lists easily. Generic emails should be avoided at all costs.

Emails, in general, request some sort of action.

Whether you want the reader to click through to your website, visit your blog, view a social media profile, or email you directly, email marketing can drive traffic to your desired conversion directly.


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