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A Denver Digital Marketing Firm’s 5 Reasons For Scheduling Social Media Posts

No one can debate that social media marketing can help businesses with brand recognition, gaining new customers from word-of-mouth, as well as direct advertising, and getting traffic to their websites. But what happens with inconsistent publishing to social networks? It hurts you!

Today, we’re examining….

Why Should You Schedule Your Social Media Posts?

You need to post for exposure.

It’s not a question of if you need to be on social media any longer. You do. And you need to post. Consistently.

There’s less chance of forgetting to post if you already have something for that day.

For a lot of businesses, marketing, especially digital marketing, falls by the wayside when things get busy. It’s easy to push off those pesky Facebook updates and tweets “until things slow down.” And we’ve all seen those social media pages that haven’t been updated in weeks or months. Leaving users asking if they’re still open.

There’s an increased chance of hitting the “right times” for each of your social networks.

The right times to post are different for each social network. Knowing these perfect times ahead of time and creating your content in advance means that scheduling those posts out can keep you on track for hitting the most users and getting your highest possible engagement rates.

Planning and scheduling social media posts saves you time in the long run.

By planning ahead and doing some research into your postings, you actually save time when you work on scheduling out your content ahead of time. You aren’t trying to steal pieces of time from other places and you can actively and thoughtfully find content that your readers will love and engage with. You won’t be leaving it to the last minute and then scrambling for content, which can waste more time.

Scheduling updates allows for real-time additions and changes as well.

Scheduling out your social media posts also gives you opportunity to squeeze in real-time updates. Breaking news items or trending topics provide businesses with an opportunity to chime in on what people are talking about at that moment. If you know you had a tweet out at 9am and your next one goes out that afternoon, you can take a moment at noon to post a relevant comment about something trendy without detracting from your scheduled content.

Added Bonus Of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Having a calendar for social media content can help with planning out special sales, seasonal discounts, and holidays.

As an example, if you run a coffee shop and forget to start promoting National Coffee Day on September 29th, then you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to (1) increase sales, and (2) increase engagement.

By looking at the calendar and knowing when you want to run a special or when a holiday is coming up, you can plan your content out so you’re not blind-sided on that day when you look at your personal calendar and see what’s going on.


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