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A Denver Graphic Design Firm’s Design Tips For Social Media Posts

First, kudos to you for considering graphic design in your social media marketing and not just copying pictures from free sites and slapping some words over them.

People connect with images more than they do with text. And you want to get their attention, make them stop scrolling, and pay attention to your content!

Tip #1 - Make sure your image size matches the social media platform.

Different platforms use different “optimal” sizes for their images. While one size works for Instagram, it probably won’t display correctly on LinkedIn.

Tip #2 - Include your logo.

Yes, the presence of your logo on your image will increase your brand engagement. It also easily “watermarks” the image so that when it’s shared to users who aren’t familiar with your brand, they will start to recognize your brand also.

Tip # 3 - Avoid too much text on the image itself.

The whole point of social media images is to convey your message through colors, shapes, and maybe one or two lines of text. More than that and you risk losing or confusing your audience.

Tip # 4 - Make sure the image matches the text in the post.

While it doesn’t have to be exact, it does need to be close. And any text that appears on the image should complement what’s in your post.

Tip #5 - Limit your font usage.

Too much crazy font usage can drive readers insane. Limit your typography to three fonts MAX on an image. (For the record, we generally recommend just TWO!)

Tip # 6 - Don’t forget about negative space!

Negative space, or white space, is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. If designs are too busy, it can overwhelm viewers easily.

Using text in this space also makes it easier to read!

Tip # 7 - If you’re using photographs, make sure you have the rights!

If you are using free libraries or images from the internet, make sure you have permission to use them for your business’s purposes.

Tip # 8 - Choose your colors carefully.

Don’t stray too far from your branding guidelines when it comes to choosing colors for your social media posts.

BONUS TIP: Be creative!

Different graphic designs will complement different types of posts. Experiment with using infographics, longer (vertical) images, horizontal images, square images. See what your audience is responding to and engaging with.


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