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A Denver SEO Company’s Top 6 Reasons Why SEO Is Important

When new clients contact us, they often ask us why SEO should be important to them. What results can they expect to see? What does SEO mean in terms of profits and customers? Today, our Denver SEO Company is tackling these questions and letting you know the top 6 reasons why SEO is important for your business.

Reason # 1 - It still works… And it isn’t going to stop working any time soon!

Jayson DeMers of wrote a piece in 2013 titled, “Is SEO Dead?” The overall consensus is that SEO isn’t dead, but with Google and other search engines refining their ranking algorithms, it’s more important than ever before to make sure that you are following best practices and using organic, ethical tactics to help make your site more accessible and understandable to the search engines.

SEO is how search engines find your business, which is how people find your business.

Reason # 2 - SEO is cost-effective for small businesses.

Search engine optimization provides fairly good ROI when it’s done ethically and organically.

Reason # 3 - Good SEO makes you up your content game.

Because search engines are updating their algorithms and looking for unique content and information, site designers and content marketers are forced to create new, unique content for their users. Not a bad thing, by any means, but it can be time-consuming!

Reason # 4 - SEO helps you connect with your target audience.

By working on your search engine marketing and your ideal keywords, you will be able to connect more readily with your target audience online. You are in control (at least somewhat!) to connecting with your ideal customers through specific keywords and other SEO best practices.

Reason # 5 - SEO is a crucial part of your marketing mix.

While your website may be your main sales agent for marketing purposes and you may utilize social media and email marketing, SEO will help drive traffic to your site.

Reason # 6 - Search engine optimization helps you outrank weaker competition.

Small- and medium-sized businesses especially can help themselves get higher search rankings with good SEO practices. By making themselves more easily accessible in the search engines, they will get larger market share and better brand recognition than their weaker competitors.

BONUS REASON: Your competitors have already invested in SEO for their sites and businesses.

Get out from behind the curve!


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