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Ask a Colorado SEO Expert: What is SERP?

Ask a Colorado SEO Expert: What is SERP?

As a trusted Colorado SEO company, it’s always important to us that our current and potential clients have a good grasp on how we’re helping their businesses grow! Being submerged in SEO services on a daily basis, we understand our jargon can get lost in translation at times!

Often we joke that the digital marketing and web industry is just a compilation of acronyms; SEO, PPC, SMM, ROI, KPI, SERP. They can go on and on!

Today, we’re going to answer your question: what is the difference between SEO and SERP?

Today we’re not only going to discuss how they’re different, but why they’re important!

What is SEO?

Typically, when a business comes to a Colorado SEO company they have a relative understanding of the importance of SEO.

SEO is a marketing strategy implemented on and off a website to increase search engine rankings and web traffic. With better rankings comes more traffic. More traffic turns into client conversions.

SEO services include a number of tasks a professional needs to carry out in order to be in the good graces of Google. From content building to keyword research, metadata to link building - SEO is a timely task that must be done well.

Because of Google’s neverending algorithm updates and SEO guidelines, search engine results can vary on any given day! Because of this, it’s important to hire a Colorado SEO company that is dedicated to consistently maintaining any updates that need to happen.

What is SERP?

While SEO is the process of implementing optimization on a website, SERP is the display of results rendered by a search query.

Did we lose you?

When a search is placed inside Google’s search engine, the pages displaying the results are called Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). SERP can vary from day to day as, like we’ve mentioned, Google’s algorithm changes on a regular basis.

Organic SERP are unpaid and are driven from good search engine optimization. Paid SERP results come from advertisements. These are typically the first three results displaying after a search has been made.

Why SERP matters.

Every business hosting a website on the internet is determined to be discovered in a Google search. Our Colorado SEO company hears that every day.

SERP matters because the further down the line in search results a business is, the lesser chance that business has of being discovered online.

The only way a website can be boosted in Google searches is by having a professional build and implement a digital marketing strategy specifically for your business. Through content, keyword research, SEO maintenance, social media and email marketing a business can develop a greater chance of boosting their rankings on an SERP.

How does your business match up on a SERP? Is your business low on the totem pole or is it ranking on the first page? If you haven’t found a Colorado SEO company to help boost your rankings, now is the time to do it!

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