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Beating Entrepreneur Burnout

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, but hard work. The freedom to build a business in the way you want is something many people dream of for years.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t just mean, “you can work whenever you want” or “you’re not working for the man” anymore. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. It’s hard, fast, sometimes slow and you never know the direction you’re going to be flung in. Sometimes it’s fun, and other times you’re left throwing up in the nearest trash can wishing you never hopped on.

How can you minimize the hardest days? Self-care and working hard to avoid burnout.

What is burnout?

Burnout isn’t just being fed-up with work. Per science, burnout is actually a form of depression. And that’s scary stuff.

Did you know that between entrepreneurs, freelancers and traditional employees, about fifty percent of people are burned out? Fifty percent! Can you imagine the numbers if traditional employees were taken out of the equation? Likely much, much higher.

If you’re feeling continuously exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated and like a ticking time bomb, you are likely suffering from burnout. For more symptoms of burnout, visit here.

How to handle burnout?

Make a list.

While this seems minor in scale, this can be one of your greatest assets. Make a list to identify all of the tasks you can delegate on to other people or businesses. Don’t consider this as “passing them off” or “taking the easy road”. Treat this as developing a support team.

When you develop a support team of individuals and other businesses that can bring aid and substance to your vision, you’ve hit the jackpot. This frees up time for you to get back to doing what you love and excel at.

Remember, great leaders delegate.


As entrepreneurs in Colorado, we have the best place to escape. Get your mind off work for a while. Unplug.

The internet sucks up a significant part of our day. Setting intentional time aside without the internet, social media, text messages and phone calls can help you focus on something else.

Use this time to connect with yourself. Self-care prevents illness and can enhance your focus when you do get back to business.

To invest in the future of your company, you must first invest in yourself. Self-care isn’t about back massages and steam rooms (well, sometimes it is). Self-care is listening to what your body is telling you, physically and mentally.

You can’t run a successful business if you’re not healthy and not focused. Hard truths.

Say no.

Entrepreneurs often times fall victim to overcommitment. Burnout comes from being overwhelmed. When you’re overwhelmed, you can’t focus.

By saying no to projects, events and other ideas from time to time isn’t poor business. It’s allowing focus to perfect what you’re currently doing. Focus is critical to success.

Burnout can take its toll at every level of entrepreneurship. When you notice the signs of burnout, it’s time to step back, evaluate and make some changes.

Now, we can’t fix your burnout entirely, but we can take some stress off your plate. Let us take your social media and digital marketing off your plate. You delegate. We strategize. You unplug.

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