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Benefits of an app for businesses

Benefits of an app for businesses

In 2017, consumers downloaded over 178 billion apps and it is projected to grow up to 45 percent over the next five years!

What is a vital tool that is in all of our pockets and purses? Smartphones. While millennials might ignore your phone call, they are not ignoring apps.

 Businesses from all industries are investing their hard earned money into Denver mobile application development because it beats traditional marketing and current websites can be converted into a mobile app. Yes, you are right the pessimist decision maker and business owner, you might not need an app because we don’t see products. 

A question to ponder while reading this blog: How many hours a day do you spend on your smartphone switching between apps? You have a banking app, social media apps, workout apps, calorie-counting apps, music and video streaming apps, Google Docs, spreadsheets, email and so many others that are used on a semi-regular basis. 

Provide more value 

An easy way to provide more value to loyal consumers and customers is to create an app. This can help to enhance their overall customer experience. Punch cards are a thing of the past!  A consumer now can easily have their phone scanned and coupons are right there on the app. This creates a sense of ease for consumers and is faster than searching the internet for that coupon from some weird website. 

The notion to remember when creating this app- create value out of it. An app just to have an app is going to have the opposite effect and have consumers wondering why they even downloaded it! 

Increase brand awareness

Any Denver mobile application development company will explain that mobile apps can help to increase brand awareness. A loyal consumer is more likely to download an app, but on the other hand, so is the new consumer who has finally downloaded it out of trust. This is the modern billboard. There could be 50,000 smartphone users who could download this app and it is cheaper than a couple of billboard ads throughout the year. 

It increases brand awareness in the same notion, but is more modern and allows for consumers to create a trust with your brand. 

Reduce costs and increase sales

Alright, you already have a website, so why not take this website and create an app out of it! You can kill two birds with one stone. A business needs a website and possibly an app so why not find a Denver mobile application development company who can provide you with both. The next generation of consumers are willing to spend money on apps initially or with in-app purchases. 

It is estimated that 43 percent of consumers who are shopping on their smartphones are downloading apps and continuing with their shopping! The next step is going to social media to tell all their friends about the products that were purchased on your app! 

Free advertising 

Have a new promotion? Simply add this to your app! You can take this same ad and publish it out on social media as well! The ability for in-app photo sharing and engagement can help to turn your app into a more social platform. 

While not all businesses need a mobile app, it could be worth the investment later on down the road. For more information, give our Denver mobile application development company a call!

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