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Better website. Better business.

Better website. Better business.

It’s no mystery that a website is an integral part of business in today's day and age. A website, more often than not, is the first impression a consumer gets of your business. In fact, the first impression is so fast it only takes a user fifty milliseconds to form an opinion about staying or leaving a site.

What’s this mean? Denver, web design matters. That’s right. We’re looking at you, Denver.

Denver is a rapidly growing hub in the business community! From multiple co-working spaces housing small businesses, entrepreneurship on the rise and tech giants moving in left and right, Denver is becoming a pivotal space for businesses.

You don’t need a website. You need a GOOD website.

Running a business is hard work! It takes several moving pieces to make the sales come through! However, of all the things your business needs to focus on, your website needs to be a priority.

Where a basic site used to be enough for businesses in Denver, web design is now more important than ever. As we mentioned, your website has fifty milliseconds to make an impression on your website visitors. Additionally, thirty-eight percent of traffic will quit using your site if it’s not visually pleasing. Savage. With those kinds of numbers, there’s no messing around.

To ensure your site falls in the good graces of your target audience and Mother Google, your website design services should always be provided by a professional (hello, nice to meet you)!

In Denver, web design matters for SEO.

Yes. The design of your website actually matters for SEO. Your run of the mill, out of the box website just won’t work any more! This is why professional website design services need to be taken into consideration! It all boils down to your users and search engine rankings.

Things you need to know:

  • Your website must be designed as mobile-friendly. Not just visible on a mobile device, but mobile-friendly. Google now reads the mobile version of all websites when considering rankings.

  • A major ranking factor for search engines is how quickly your web pages load. A professional offering website design services will know how to design a website that’s speedy quick.

  • Forty-four percent of web visitors leave if there is no contact information or phone number. Remember, Denver, web design is about customer experience. If consumers can’t find what they want online they’ll move along quickly.

  • Review leave a lasting impression. If your business leaves a positive impression in person, in deliverables and online, customers are more likely to leave a great review of your business. Good reviews show Google that your business is reputable and reliable, deeming you a good business to boost in the rankings.

It’s important to understand that regardless of your business size or how long you’ve been in operation, the amount of time, care and user-insight that goes into your web design will be well worth it. 2019 is the year to prioritize your website design and we’re ready to help you take it on!

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