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Boosting Posts. Ask a Denver social media marketing agency.

Boosting Posts. Ask a Denver social media marketing agency.

On Monday we chatted about the evolution of social media platforms like Facebook and how businesses have been using them to their advantage. With businesses seeing a forty-two percent decline in organic reach in just two quarters back in 2016, it’s safe to say, times have changed.

Can brands still have organic growth on social media? Yes, but it’s going to take a lot more elbow grease than it used to. Gone are the days of creating a post on Facebook and gaining instant social growth. With algorithm changes aiming to bring social media back to “social” for friends and family, businesses are taking the hit. So, boosted posts it is!

How do I boost a post?

Every platform is different, and we’ll walk you through each so you can get a grasp of what it takes.

First, it’s always best to consult a professional Denver social media marketing agency. Professionals can collaborate with your brand to best understand the needs of your business, who your audience is and the best way to represent your business on social platforms.

Additionally, marketing companies will determine which platform your posts should be boosted on. While boosted posts are the perfect way to reach a broader audience, it makes the most sense to be on a platform where your general audience is. A boosted post on a platform that doesn’t host your business demographics will get you just as far as your non-boosted posts.


Facebook is still holding on to the title of “most popular social networking site” with over two billion users. Three-quarters using the platform on a daily basis.

So what kind of posts are the best ones to boost on Facebook?

• Contest
• Events
• Viral-worthy content
• Newsletter or email signups

When your marketing company has created a knock-out post with an incredible image and enticing call to action, a few things will then need to take place.

First, together you’ll need to determine the audience you’d like to reach. Facebook uses their fancy science to predetermine an audience for your business, but you can also create a custom audience. Next marketing companies should consult you on how much of your budget you’d like to spend and for how long. And that’s it! It’s pretty simple!


Instagram currently has over one billion monthly active users with five hundred million of them engaging on a daily basis. Additionally, Instagram users are ten times more likely to engage with a brand than they do on Facebook.

Instagram promotions are a little different than Facebook in that they’re called Sponsored Posts. Like Facebook, they’re organic posts you’ve already created that you’re simply paying to promote.

With Instagram, a Denver social media marketing agency will identify the goal of your sponsored post. Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Or maybe you just want more profile visits?

Once a goal has been identified, you’ll again, choose your audience. Like Facebook, you have the option of selecting the audience Instagram has worked up for you, or you can go a more targeted route. You’ll then set your budget and length of time you’d like your post to be promoted. Lickety split! It’s pretty simple!

Advertising on social media is one of the best ways to boost the followers you have on each platform. While organic reach is as difficult as ever, boosting is the wave of the future. Denver Media Group is one of the best Denver social media marketing agency and we’d be excited to work with you!

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