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Content that makes use of video and infographics wins!

Videos are better understood and are more eye-catching than text, thus people tend to buy a product after watching a video. Videos are also better remembered and with smartphones all over the place, it would be wise to make use of infographics in your website content and all marketing plans. Videographic content can also bring in more traffic.

Why Use Video And Infographics In Your Content

  • Videographic content can give you enhanced results when it comes to SEO. You, no doubt rank high on search engines.
  • Videos can attract consumer's attention. A visitor is more likely to click on a video than a boring text message.
  • A short video can give out a lot more information with a personal touch. However, with a plain text, it would be a lengthy article if you want to communicate the same information.
  • A video can better engage a lead. Your audiences are more likely to share or comment on a video than on a blog post.
  • Today's technology is video favored. More and more people also prefer to watch videos, rather than read a piece of text.
  • Generally, people watch full videos but readers are not likely to read the whole text message. So if you have an important message that you want to send out loud and clear, video graphic content might just be the right choice for you.
  • As per a recent research, infographic content accounts for better conversion rates than any other type of content.

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