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Digital marketing in the tourism industry

Colorado is a mecca for tourism year-round. From exploring National Parks, skiing in the mountains, taking your chances at the rapids, or enjoying craft beer tours, there’s something for everyone.

While Colorado is lucky enough to have a well-rounded lineup of attractions throughout the year, the tourism industry as a whole often faces challenges of its own. Juggling seasonal variances and ever-changing tourism trends, it can be difficult to increase sales in the slower seasons.

Fortunately, there are digital marketing companies in Denver that help develop marketing strategies for businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry!

How can digital marketing help the slow season?

Audience Segmentation

Understanding the audience at hand and segmenting them into groups helps businesses develop what they want to market and when to do it.

For example, while each part of Colorado has a peak tourism season, the busiest and best time to visit the city of Denver is in the summer months. Naturally, this makes the city’s winter months on the slower side.

To spark interest in winter tourism in Denver, a digital marketing strategy could showcase exciting indoor activities, unique restaurants and nightspots that are enjoyable even when it’s cold!

The same goes for more mountainous parts of Colorado, like ski resorts, that flourish in the winter, but are slower in the summer. Strategically timing a digital marketing plan to feature the summer activities they host can bring a significant awareness to what they offer when it’s least expected.

Low hanging fruit

Never forget the people who live close to tourism locations! Slow seasons are a great time to advertise to those wishing to avoid the tourism crowd flooding the area they call home.

Moreover, promoting a “staycation” is an easy way to get your local audience involved and interested in what your business has to offer!

Stay Connected

Social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with your target audience. Be it through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, social media is a simple way to see who is where and what they’re doing.

Through the geographical search options within each platform, digital marketing companies in Denver can study common content, the demographic within it and where people are visiting.

Not only that, it’s a great way for businesses to engage with the clientele they have visiting their establishments.

If your business is in the tourism industry, consider checking out professional digital marketing companies in Denver like us! We’d love to turn your slow season into steady season!

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