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Does a business need to be on every social media platform? Part 2

On Wednesday we began talking about the difference in social media platforms and if businesses should utilize as many as possible.

Not only is it a common misconception that a business needs to use every social platform, but also using the most popular one.

Today, we’re talking about three underutilized social platforms for a business in social media.


While YouTube has an active 1.8 billion users every day, only 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using it to advertise.

YouTube’s platform is designed for users to create and share captivating video content, generate high volumes of traffic and reach a global audience. Not only does YouTube have the ability to create strong brand awareness, it integrates with other social platforms smoothly.

Additionally, as Google purchased YouTube in 2016, it plays nicely with SEO strategies and rankings.

What sets YouTube apart from other social platforms? The opportunity to teach. YouTube opens up the doors to become an educator in your industry and to show off you and your business's expertise.


Pinterest is a unique platform since it is image and link-based. When using enticing and high-quality photographs, your feed has the ability to truly stand out.

Though Pinterest hosts an average of 75 million active users, only one-third of Fortune 500 businesses are utilizing its audience. Research shows how 96% of active users utilize the platform to plan purchases.

Pinterest allows the organization of your content and categories that are relative to different aspects of your business. This allows for simple usability for your followers.

What sets Pinterest apart from other social platforms? Business analytics. As analytic nerds, we love any tool that gives you insight to which content is and isn’t working, where new followers are coming from and what kind of content your business should focus on in the future.


Though a question and answer site, It is often debated if Quora is considered a social media platform. In our opinion, yes. Quora’s platform allows users to follow, like, tag and create bios.

As of 2017, 190 million monthly users utilize this platform and offer questions and answers from over 400,000 topics.

One might question how a Q&A site can up your social marketing game. Mostly, this platform is an excellent way to generate personal buzz, show your expertise and trend in your field of work.

While being active on Quora can be on the time-consuming side, we certainly believe it could pay off in the long run.

What sets Quora apart from other social platforms? Unique keyword and topic research. Via Quora, a business has the ability to search for topics and questions one might not have answers to. Oftentimes searchers have different ways of describing a complicated topic. Quora shows you exactly what people want to know. From here, you can discover content you had no idea anyone needed.

Is your business utilizing any of these popular, yet ornate platforms for your social media marketing? If not, it might be time to consider it!

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