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Events in Colorado: SEO Strategies

Events in Colorado: SEO Strategies

Colorado is home to some incredible event venues hosting a wide array of talent! As Denver is a booming travel hotspot, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do or events to attend!

From The Pepsi Center hosting popular events like the Jonas Brothers, WWE Live and the Colorado Avalanche Playoffs to The Colorado Convention Center with the Legacy Dance Championships and Denver Pop Culture Con, there’s always something to do!

So how does a local event get noticed in the sea of national events? A thought out Colorado SEO strategy!

Yes! SEO experts can, in fact, optimize events for search engines!

What is SEO?

More often than not in today's day and age, businesses understand they need “better SEO” or SEO in general. Even if they aren’t quite sure what that means or how it’s done, they understand the need is there.

Colorado SEO is the marketing strategy implemented to increase the quantity and quality of traffic coming into a website. SEO is important not only to rank higher in search engines, but to build trust and credibility in a brand. A professional SEO expert ensures quality backlinks, proper optimization and user-friendliness are all at the core of the strategy implemented.

Additionally, local SEO strategies are prioritized to promote local engagement, this is where events in Colorado can benefit!

SEO for Colorado Events

Social media is not the only way to promote local events.  Colorado SEO best practices can be implemented within a website to increase the chance of events ranking in Google’s event pack.

Why is Google’s event pack important? Because it places an event in what’s called, “position zero.” Position zero is the sweet spot of all positions in google. Similar to the Google Local 3-Pack, position zero for event packs has a higher click-through rate than positions underneath it.

What searches make the event pack appear in Google?

  • Concerts and festivals
  • Upcoming shows
  • Ticket inquiries
  • Nightlife events and parties
  • Location-based searches

Because of this, it’s important for your Colorado SEO expert to have experience in optimizing web pages for local events. You know - an SEO expert like Denver Media Group!

Important SEO points for events

While the heavy lifting of SEO for events should be left to the expert, there are some important take-aways for businesses looking to promote what they have coming up!

First, it’s important to be in the good graces of Google on an overall SEO level. Naturally, if Google approves of the way a site is optimized, they’ll favor in the event pack in the long run.

  1. Event dates are really important. These may seem obvious, but it’s important to note that Google cares deeply about the timing of an event. The more specific the better. Not only would a business be mortified to have people show up at the wrong date or time, Google would as well.

  2. Trusted ticketing is really important. Google offers event ticket seller certification to reliable, certified businesses to protect consumers from scams and other confusions. If a business is not listed on this site, it’s highly recommended to do so.

Colorado SEO for local events is something our team gets really excited about! Not only do we love local events on a personal level, we’re pretty passionate about our SEO game. The perfect pair!

If your business offers local events and would like to try ranking in Google’s event pack, we’d love to help!

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