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Facebook Messenger

“Google, find me digital marketing companies Denver.” This is one form of an artificial intelligence program, another common one in the marketing world is a chatbot.

Early mornings, weekends and after-hour questions do not stop just because your staff is at home or away for the weekend. How can a business be there for consumers and clients 24/7? Chatbots inside Facebook Messenger allows for this! 

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programmed to respond to triggers, questions, keywords or prompts with the convenience of answering common questions and concerns. 

Beth Moore, an AI and Language Analytics Strategist states, “they range in complexity from information retrieval using keyword matches to active learning capabilities that provide in-depth responses and tailored suggestions based on previous conversations.” This means once a chatbot starts to learn common responses or questions it can start to answer consumers and clients with even better and more  specific questions and concerns. 

Facebook Messenger allows for a business to automatically set up an auto-responder that works like a chatbot. 

Facebook Messenger

There are over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger! More and more consumers are trusting a business’s Facebook messages to be able to confidently point them in the right direction or answer their questions. Any digital marketing companies Denver will have a client set up an auto-responder as a first step in social media management, but if this Facebook page will be a typical spot for consumers to ask questions and reach out, it is imperative for a chatbot!

Some of our digital marketers are Millennials and explain that they love being able to message a business and not pick up the phone! No one uses a phone call anymore. 

The first reason to use Facebook Messenger Marketing is because most businesses have not saturated the messaging platform yet. This could be the first move in generating leads and nurturing the sales cycle.

While every business on Facebook should have a contact us spot, there are a number of businesses with a chatbot who automatically answers clients. A message box that pops-up on the Facebook page is one of the first steps in adding a chatbot. The next step is getting the chatbot automated with a friendly and welcoming message. 

The second reason is a drip campaign. A consumer asks a question, the chatbot points them to the right page and that is it right? No way. There needs to be a follow up from the chatbot or the sales team. Without a follow up, that could be one more sale that is being missed. 

A drip campaign on Facebook Messenger is set up in the same notion as a drip campaign in email marketing campaigns, but this is a programmed campaign. So, have a digital marketing companies Denver who have in-house developers set this up for you! (Denver Media Group can do this for you!) 

What company is killing it with their Facebook Messenger Marketing?

 LEGO. in 2017, around Christmas, LEGO launched their first chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Ralph helped thousands of consumers and customers with their questions and shopping experiences. As time has gone on, Ralph has provided LEGO with a 3.4 higher return on Facebook Ads, lower costs and even more purchases on their website! Yup, all those sales and lead generations from Ralph. He is killing it and so can you! 


Do not let the fact that your business is not the size of LEGO deter you from using a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Denver Media Group is the leading digital marketing companies Denver who can help you with this strategy!

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