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Four Myths about email marketing Denver businesses need to know!

Four Myths about email marketing Denver businesses need to know!

There are a number of myths surrounding email marketing Denver businesses need to know and understand! Debunking the delusions behind this marketing strategy is something our team feels pretty passionate about!

Email marketing is a direct way of communicating with a subscribed audience. Through an intentional strategy of email marketing, Denver businesses can enhance their client relationships, encourage new ones, advertise specific products and relay important information in a timely manner.

Why email marketing is great

Email marketing can go underrated and overlooked. However, the benefits of email marketing are strong!

If website traffic is a struggle for your business, email marketing is an excellent way to boost traffic and bring in good traffic! Quality traffic coming into your website is important because the conversion rate of a targeted audience is much higher!

Additionally, when it comes to email marketing, Denver businesses will never find an easier way to distribute content, promotions and industry updates! Email marketing also provides an easy way for your content to be shared to additional people not currently on your subscriber list!

Four email marketing myths

1. Email marketing is dead and gone.

No ma’am! Email marketing is alive and well! Regardless of age, ninety-nine percent of people are checking email every single day, and for some, more than twenty times a day!

When it comes to professional email, ninety-five percent believe it’s the ideal way for B2B communication.

If the email marketing Denver businesses utilize is relevant, informative, and creative, they can have great success driving traffic to their website and encourage a greater following! In fact, McKinsey claims email marketing is forty times more effective at gaining new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

So no, email marketing is not dead!

2. People get too many emails.

According to Optinmonster, sixty percent of people receive less than six emails a day from brands they trust. Of those people. Forty percent received less than three.

Additionally, studies show consumers prefer email promotions over direct mail, so go ahead and find yourself an email marketing agency and start getting some emails sent out!

3. Unsubscribers are bad.

Sure, losing subscribers can feel like a kick in the pants, but truthfully, the loss of subscribers only hones in your email list of prospects as a customer. When it comes to email marketing, Denver businesses need a subscriber list that will convert. When a list of filled with irrelevant subscribers, they’re not adding any quality to your business.

4. Email marketing is expensive.

Marketing budgets vary from business to business, that’s no mystery. Traditional marketing can be very expensive and digital marketing might not be in your budget until next year. We get it. Marketing dollars look different for every business, and that’s ok!

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies an agency can provide, especially for a small business. Working with an agency in Denver frees up work time for your own team and allows for your business to focus on the day-to-day operations.

With email marketing, Denver businesses can reach their targeted audience at an affordable cost. If our digital marketing team could offer any advice on selecting a service in 2019, email marketing would be it!

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