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Gaining the audience trust through social media marketing

The digital age led us into the age of information but it also raised questions over the credibility of sources such as news, social media and advertising campaigns. ility of most sources such as news, social media and ad campaigns.

A study shows only 5 percent of web-using U.S. adults trust the information they get from social media. This report further adds without trust, 57 percent of the audience believes our entire system will collapse. In people’s minds, there is a “sense of injustice, a lack of hope and confidence, and a desire for change in our basic institutions.”

The above sentiments reveal how there are trust issues with social media.
Thus, you need to know how to use social media to build brand trust.

The following points will make you understand how to gain trust through social media marketing.

Knowing how trust works

Your customers are more likely to trust you if you have the qualities of authority, helpfulness and intimacy with the customers. All these factors are directly based on your self-promotion.

To maintain your authority, you need to keep up with the latest research and news in your industry and frequently share your insights. The more authoritative you are, the better your chances are of building your audience’s trust.

Engaging with customers over social media conversations coupled with solving their related queries will help build trust in a profound way.

Being authentic

As the late Steve Jobs once said, “To me, marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world, it’s a very noisy world. And we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.”

A brand is built by its authenticity. Being authentic becomes a value which can lead your customers to trust you more. Your brand is nothing but the values you put into it, the values which describe your brand’s core trust features. Being authentic becomes an ideal part in ensuring audience trust through social media.

Knowing your audience

The best way to gain a person’s trust is to show you truly understand who they are and what it is they’re experiencing. This will require you to do research on your customers, who they are and what they want exactly.

Reading reviews, interviewing current customers and being observant on social media platforms are a few of the ways to know your audience better.

Creating content

You must be aware about the role content plays in building trust. To build trust with content, you must be helpful, educational, and consistent. You want people to be able to depend on you for the information they’re looking for.

In a nutshell, in order to get people closer to making  purchases, you need to get them to trust you. So it is very important that you remove the trust issues and use social media to build it in a new way.

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