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Gearing Up Your YouTube To Generate Business For You

It’s just not enough to get a YouTube account to make your business flourish. It needs to be optimized in order to make an impact on your business’s growth. The first thing you need to do is to customize your YouTube account with keywords in your industry industry to optimize site traffic.

Customize The Channel

To start with customization, you will need to access your avatar icon (the small icon at the top right when you sign in to your YouTube and are redirected to the Home Page).

Access “My Channel” and input the name of your business.

When entering your business name, be sure to select “use a business or other name.” You’ll be redirected to another page where you can edit the name.

Optimize Your Channel With A Killer Description

Update your description for the YouTube channel by optimizing it with keywords from your target industry to attract the right market. Every account is given a channel comprised of their username and also a specific URL that can be used on other social media accounts to link directly to your YouTube page.

Fill out your business information after doing a bit of keyword research, because these keywords and phrases will be important in getting your channel discovered. Tell about your strengths as a business with a key focus on how you can help improve people’s lives with your services.

Users should get a clear idea of what you do and how your business can specifically help them through your page’s description. A clear description using SEO keywords can also help rank your channel better within your specific niche.

Use Relevant Pictures And Upload Content Regularly

For someone to subscribe and possibly do business with you through YouTube, you need to focus on Pictures and Videos, apart from your description updates themselves.

Your channel avatar needs to reflect who you are as a business. Choose a picture that clearly depicts the business model you want to convey.

A good rule of thumb is using your company’s logo or brand persona (a character to represent your business). Some examples of these include the Michelin Man or the Pillsbury Doughboy. This adds to your uniqueness. Remember that the avatar’s image is pulled directly from your Google Account, not from YouTube itself, and usually takes a few minutes to synchronize.

You can also change your cover photo with channel art.

People add links to their other social platforms as well, so starting with that can be a good idea. Or, you may simply want to use a team photo so your viewers and subscribers can have a glance at the people they will be working with, if they chose to do business with you.

Interact Meaningfully

You’re meant to upload videos on YouTube regarding your services. Keep focused on providing solutions to people from your target audience through your videos and redirect them to your website by mentioning links in the description box below and prompting new viewers to subscribe.

This may seem repetitive at first, but it is important to get a base of subscribers. Be timely and responsive to comments from users also.

Finally, it’s very important to create viral content, as it helps your channel get discovered and therefore brings in more leads for you to convert into sales. Having content that encourages binge watching can help place you higher in the rankings, as YouTube attaches a high importance to this when ranking your business channel.

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