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How do infographics help market your business?

Do you feel like no one is reading your content? Are your content marketing strategies missing the mark?

If you are seeing a steady decline in your readership, then it’s time to give your content a boost. This can be accomplished, at least in part, with visual aids. An effective tactic to employ is infographics.

What are infographics?

Information graphics (infographics) are a perfect blend of content with visual images. This marketing tool comes in handy when you have a tedious supply of words needing to be broken down. Through the graphics, you can support your data tables, evidence via charts, facts and figures using nifty imagery.

An effective infographic:

  • has a clear purpose for the audience.
  • makes sense for the audience, helping them to see the “story” in the data. This includes the trends and patterns the data and words want to convey.
  • is compelling and eye-catching. You want people to view it, read it, digest it and share it.
  • is true to the data it’s representing. It doesn’t distort or manipulate the data in any way.
  • is organized and laid out in an easily-digestible format.
  • includes your business’s contact information. At the very least, include your website URL and business name.

How do infographics counteract your low readership?

People can get overwhelmed when there’s too much “on the page” in front of them, especially when they’re reading something on a smaller screen.

However, this attitude changes when they see the same content in the form of well-structured infographics.

How do infographics help market your business?

The information you want to convey is sweetly condensed

In this digital age, you have less than a minute to persuade your audience. Therefore, you need to keep the encounter short and sweet. With the help of infographics, you are able to relate your point to the audience before they scroll down to something new.

Infographics make these brief encounters meaningful and memorable for the readers.

Colors and images work as brain food

Do you know why we remember photographs better than words?

It is because our brain is programmed to decipher colors and images faster than words. Hence, infographics support the transition from seeing to understanding the material in front of your audience.

This is why many people find it easier to remember the details of an infographic more clearly than an essay they read on the same topic.

Content is engaging and easy to digest

Audiences tend to spit out bland content. This is why you need to garnish it with visual images sparking up the brain.

Infographics often have cartoonish characterizations, speech bubbles, color-coded graphs, etc. All of these items help to “spice up” the content you are presenting to your audience.  

Infographics are great “bait pieces” for your audience

Do you believe content marketing is bait to catch the fish (or, more customers)?

If you do, then think of infographics as a fresh juicy worm. The fresher and more visually pleasing your infographics are, the faster you will be able to reel in those customers.

When your infographics go viral, they will be shared all over the internet. Many times the original source gets lost during the sharing process.

Yet, if you have properly embedded your contact details somewhere in the infographics then you will see new audiences coming back to you. They do this to see if you have similar content that can help them further.

Overall, infographics are an effective way to keep your audience engaged and informed!

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