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How to make your website more attractive

Your website is no longer a place for introverts to access information about your business. Your website is now, essentially, the face of your business!

Consider how consumers use the internet on a day-to-day basis.The internet is used to confirm store hours, branch locations, online purchases, service information and price quotes.

Taking into account the average adult spends nearly six hours per day on the internet, not having a solid online presence is detrimental to a business today. Not only do you need a reputable web presence, you need a website that is attractive to the people who use it.

What makes a website visually appealing?

While the answer may vary from person to person, there are four main elements that will make your website more attractive.

Overall design

A broad statement, we know. The overall design of your website is the number one criteria for determining the credibility of your company. So much so, forty-six percent of website visitors state the font size, color scheme, layout and navigation determines if they believe your company to be legit.

Basically, the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply here. A website visitor will decide if they want more info on your business purely based on what your website looks like.

Graphics and images

Using custom images of your office, employees and job-sites is one of the best ways to humanize your brand.

Stock photos are a way of the past. Sure, stock photos are generally more affordable and easier to obtain in the short term, but they’re not an accurate representation of your business.

Consumers operate in an era of authenticity these days. Show your potential customers what makes your business unique and authentic through custom photos.


While the design of your website deserves a little grace, the overall usability of your website is, hands down, the most important part of your website. If your website isn’t easy to use, you’ll lose leads left and right.

Think of your website, regardless of the industry you serve, as a “grocery store” of sorts. Your “aisles” must be labeled appropriately, the customer service desk should be accessible, and the check out lines should be easy and fast to get through.

An attractive website is easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to obtain information. If your website is too bulky, your users will miss information. If your website is too bare, they’ll move on to a different site.


The most forgotten of the four elements, consistency allows a user to focus on the message your business is working to portray.

A website visitor only needs seven seconds to decide if they’re going to continue on to other portions of your site. When a website is consistent in layout, visuals and language, it’s easier for the end-user to interpret your business.

Having an attractive website is an important part of business in today’s day and age. Build credibility and maintain your business reputation with a well-navigated, well-designed website and you’ll have success with users sticking around.

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