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How to pick the best Denver SEO company

How to pick the best Denver SEO company

Picking the best Denver SEO company can be difficult! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of them! Choosing the right SEO company for your business when the digital marketing industry isn’t one you’re well versed in, can be especially difficult. Deciphering the Denver SEO experts from the novice takes research.

What is SEO?

SEO (search optimization) is the technical strategy used to organically increase the quantity and quality of web traffic your business receives.

Through a defined keyword strategy, content, and backend website work, the best Denver SEO company can gradually increase your website visibility.

Is there good SEO and bad SEO?

Yes! And this is important to recognize!

Working hard to avoid bad SEO is what will ensure your website isn’t scrapped from the internet entirely!

Bad SEO, called “Black hat SEO” is a process in which people try to cheat the system in order to to rank higher, faster. Sure, this sounds like the ideal scenario, right? But the best Denver SEO company understands that Google knows all.

When a search engine, like Google, identifies bad SEO tactics, they push your rankings down, or even worse, remove your site from search engines entirely.

Good SEO is backed by high quality content, fast loading pages, descriptive meta tags and a user-friendly website. The best Denver SEO experts will work diligently to ensure all of these are done correctly and maintained to comply with search engine guidelines.

Why is quality content important?

Providing quality content for your website visitors is of utmost importance. Search engines, in particular, Google, prioritize the user’s experience. Helpful content that meets your visitors needs will convert well, and in turn, make Google recognize its importance. When Google recognizes the importance of a piece of content, they favor it.

Basically, if your audience wins, you win.

Why do fast loading pages and user-friendliness matter?

Simply put, if your website is not easy to use, search engines are not going to favor it. The best Denver SEO company will know the most efficient ways to optimize your content for page speeds and a user-friendly experience.

People hate waiting and are impatient when it comes to page speed.

The Financial Times did a case study finding:

“The speed of the site negatively impacts a user’s session depth, no matter how small the delay…The data suggests, both in terms of user experience and financial impact, that there are clear and highly valued benefits in making the site even faster. From this research we’ve chosen to invest even more time in making every aspect of the new website even faster over the coming months .“

If your website visitors have an easy time using your site, they’ll stick around.

Need to check your page speed? Try this free tool by Google Developers.

What are meta tags and why do they matter?

Meta tags (also called meta descriptions) is a website’s backend element that briefly describes a piece of content. A great, keyword rich meta tag can raise your click through rates in organic search results, thus, bringing on more web traffic! This snippet of text written by a Denver SEO expert gives your visitors a brief look into what your content is about.

Good meta tags entice your reads to come for more!

Finding the best Denver SEO company for your business can be extremely beneficial to your web presence! By finding a trusted professional that knows how to use best-practices and good SEO, Google will begin to favor your website!

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