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How to promote your blog.

Blogging has been a massively growing industry (meaning, oversaturated) since its early stages in the 90s. Had you told us back in 1994 that you could make a living off writing about your passions, hobbies and expertise, we would have thought you were crazy.

Today, there are over so many blogs that we can’t even find an accurate number as a reference. Tumblr alone has over 400 million.

So how do you promote your blog when there are millions of others out there? How do you gain traffic when you’re competing with such an extreme amount of competition?

Social media

Social media seems like a common answer these days. But it’s true. The right social media marketing strategy can mean the difference between no traffic and lots of traffic. Additionally, the difference in good traffic and bad traffic.

We’re firm believers in the concept of telling people where you are. It’s not enough to write a blog and hope the traffic comes naturally. You have to “tell” people you wrote the blog and where to find it.

Did you know that the 80/20 rule applies to blogging? A blogger should spend twenty percent of their time writing content, and eighty percent of the time promoting it.

Where on social media? Always on your Facebook page.

Facebook is an easy avenue to get your content spread to your target audience in an affordable manner. While you may not be inclined to add a financial boost to your post initially, it’s a step that should be taken in the long run to cast a wider net. A little can go a long ways. Especially at the start.

Depending on the niche of your blog, sharing your blogs via Pinterest could be a great option for you. In our opinion, every content creator should be on Pinterest.

Not only is Pinterest visually appealing, it’s easy to use and has the potential to bring thousands of new eyes to your blog.

Keep in mind, the scope of Pinterest has changed drastically since the platform was introduced, but through a good, current strategy, your blog traffic has great potential to increase.


As a blogger, you’re already doing things right by having consistent and current content. Search engines like Google love fresh content.

However, fresh content isn’t the only thing your blog will need to rank high in search engines and gain web traffic.

Proper SEO techniques are essential not only for websites, but for blog sites as well. To be done right, keywords that need to be used, metadata that needs to be placed, images optimized, backlinking strategies put in place, and so much more under the surface of it.

Being a blogger can certainly be a lucrative business with a healthy growth in traffic and repeat visitors. By putting in a hearty effort into promoting your content you have the potential to watch your following grow.

If you’d rather write the content, but have a professional social media manager take care of the promoting, we know a business that can do that.

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