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How to survive a company holiday party

Not every business can have as much fun as we do. We’re lucky enough to be a small, tight knit group that has overcome awkward silence and small talk. We see each other daily, know each other's job positions, and even know daily lunch regimes.

However, for the sake of celebrating, we have some go-to tips for you on how to survive your company’s holiday party.

Be curious. Skip the small talk.

Curious people connect with others better. Being curious means asking questions, learning new things (even from people you see day in and day out), and keeping an open mind.

Small talk is awkward. Elemental chit-chat is used to fill silence, not to serve a purpose. When asking someone, “How’s it going”, you’re subconsciously confirming your familiarity with them, not deeply inquiring how things are.

Our suggestion? Talk about anything other than work. It’s a social event, not a team meeting.

Combat awkward small talk by having a “pocket full” of open-ended questions that trigger stories or deeper responses.

Great ice breaker questions:

What was your first job ever?
You might be shocked to discover your longtime deskmate sold funeral tents or that your boss worked at the ski rental shop in Frisco.

What was your first concert?
This question is a definitive way to get a conversation going. Whether your mom forced you into a Michael Bolton concert or you were lucky enough to see Eric Church before his prime, it’s a solid conversation starter.

What’s your favorite place to visit?
We love the variety of answers this question brings. Travel preferences are vast. Some might answer with local attractions while others might have a more eclectic spot in mind. Not only does this question lead to fun information, it renders follow up questions!

Set a drink limit.

Don’t be “that person”. Remember you need to show your face on Monday morning. Have a good time, but also be responsible. One can get in the holiday spirit without having ALL the holiday spirits. Also, designate a driver or have your Uber app updated and ready to roll.

Pro tip: Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day before heading to your office party.

Be unplugged.

It’s the norm to avoid social interaction by hiding behind your smartphone. Surviving the company holiday party without your phone or social media is completely doable.

Moreover, be mindful of social media. What’s funny now might not be funny later (see above drink limits). Keep any social posts regarding the party positive and in good light. Afterall, you are a reflection of the brand you work for.

Holiday parties are a great way to build camaraderie within your workplace. By following these three survival tips you’ll make it through in fine fashion.

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