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Local marketing

Local marketing

Ice cream shops, pizza parlors, sushi, mechanics and every other service and product that consumers are purchasing are all local. As a local business, this is why local marketing is so important and how a local company can help you! 

What is local marketing? 

Local marketing is all the rage, but once upon a time before the widespread use of computers, tablets and smartphones, local marketing was there. Local marketing has not disappeared but it has changed. A small business is not competing with thousands of other small to large companies thanks to Amazon! Consumers are not ditching shopping local or supporting local, but the techniques of how they find your business is 100 percent different than before. 

What are searchers doing? Turning to Google and social media platforms. 

When a searcher types into Google, “plumbing repair services.” The searcher is assuming that all results will be local. Could you imagine typing this search query into Google and a plumber from another state shows up? We wonder how expensive that labor bill would be! 

U.S. businesses of all sizes are expected to spend $154 billion on local advertising moving into the new year. With this in mind, what is important in local marketing? 

  • Google My Business

  • Local Ranking

  • Social Media

  • Referral websites

This is how a local business can use a Colorado SEO and digital marketing company to revamp their local marketing strategies. 

Social Media 

Google My Business 

What comes up when someone searches for local businesses? There are a number of results, but one that is imperative is Google My Business. All of our Colorado SEO clients have Google My Business accounts set-up for a reason. This is one of the first things that show up when someone searches for a local business. A digital marketer can update the Google My Business page with blogs and posts that go out to other social media platforms. This also shows reviews from past and present clients, as well as  consumers. The biggest part of a Google My Business page is making sure all information is as relevant and up to date.. 

With 46 percent of all Google searches being local, a local business would hate to miss out on a  local business. Think of it as updating the business phone number in the yearly phone book. It may not have a purpose anymore other than a weapon, but at one point, this was the local Google My Business profile. While you are updating your Google My Business, update those social media platforms as well. 

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the others! 

Neglecting social media is kind of like neglecting to update that phone book. A great example to use of why a Colorado business needs social media is our Colorado SEO experts. Our experts hear of new restaurants, boutiques, ice cream parlors or any other local business out there and two things that are immediately checked—the website and social media. 

Do they have an Instagram? What are they posting? If they are posting, what kind of content is going out there? This is the new norm as Search Engine Journal states that two in three citizens are actively using Facebook. Are you missing out on local traction, consumers and sales because the old phone book faded away? 



Referral traffic is traffic that comes from other websites. When it comes to local SEO strategies, these referral traffic statistics in Google Analytics can come from third-party review websites such as Yelp, Bing Locals, FourSquare and any others out there. 

Another credible source where referral traffic is coming from is those reviews left on Yelp. It is stated that, “Customers acquired through referrals have a 37 perccent  higher retention rate.” That new way of word-of-mouth marketing is really changing the landscape of business. 

Local Ranking 

As a local business who only sells products or services in the local community, why are you only ranking for national keywords with little in the community? Yikes.

This is how a Colorado SEO company would help a business rank in local searches: 

  • Optimize URLS
  • Meta Description with local phrases
  • Meta Tags
  • Local SERP
  • Content based with local phrases
  • Adding location to your website
  • Ensure it is mobile-friendly! 

These services are what our company offers any business who is searching for local ranking and more! 

Why let Jeff’s business out rank you on Google? Beat the competition with a local marketing strategy.

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