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Local SEO: Denver & the E-Commerce World

Local SEO: Denver & the E-Commerce World

E-commerce businesses have swiftly become one of the top four types of startup businesses to become profitable in 2019. With low overhead, sales 24/7, simple advertising, and trackability, e-commerce businesses have great chances of making their mark in the retail world!

With the help of Local SEO, Denver based e-commerce businesses can easily boost their business by capitalizing on the areas around them!

E-commerce is the future.

Overall, American consumers prefer to shop online as opposed to shopping at a brick and mortar storefront. Sixty-seven percent of US millennials prefer to shop online while fifty-six percent of Gen Xers feel the same way.

With numbers like these, we can see the future of e-commerce on the rise!

Local SEO for Denver E-Commerce.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for every kind of business. SEO is a marketing tactic aimed at increasing the quantity of organic traffic to your website in addition to the quality of visitors it receives.

Local SEO hones in your audience. While SEO, overall, increases your opportunities across the entire internet, Local SEO targets the location your business resides.

How does local SEO, Denver, and e-commerce work together?

While e-commerce sites do not need to be location-specific, research shows location-based searches are on the rise, and consumers are shopping on their mobile devices while on the go.

It has never been easier to search for “boutiques near me” or “pet supplies near me”. And for Denver, buying local never felt so good!

Mobile + Local SEO

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO right now. So much so, Google is already implementing mobile-first indexing.

E-commerce relies heavily on a properly optimized mobile-friendly website. To be frank, a non-mobile website will perform terribly compared to a mobile one. Not only will your e-commerce site will be more difficult to find within search engine results, it will be far less user-friendly.

Ease of use is one of the biggest complaints received about mobile e-commerce stores. When the SEO company in Denver you’ve hired to optimize your site focuses on mobility, user-friendliness, and location-specific content, you’re going to see a great increase in traffic!

Local SEO + Reviews

Ninety-three percent of customers are influenced by online reviews. If this doesn’t push you to sell great items and ask for reviews, we don’t know what will! Local searches thrive from online reviews because consumers love online reviews. And we all know what users love, Google loves.

Don’t know how to get online reviews? It’s simple - just ask! Consider having an email marketing campaign for consumers who’ve just made a purchase or a social campaign requesting reviews once a month. Most businesses have found that customers are happy to leave reviews if you make it simple enough to do so!

When it comes to local SEO, Denver e-commerce businesses can succeed with a great strategy! By finding an SEO company that not only understands e-commerce, but the neighborhood and city you operate from, your business can reach local search pages and global ones!

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