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Maintaining brand loyalty through digital marketing

Has your business been experiencing a decline in repeat business? Today’s consumer doesn’t have the brand commitment they used to.

With products and services being available 24-7 via the internet, it’s no surprise consumers are spending time looking for good reviews and a good price for nearly everything. Brand relationships are struggling!

In fact, seventy-eight percent of millennials make mention that a brand must work harder to gain loyalty than it did in their parents’ day. And truthfully, every digital marketing agency in Denver will agree with them.

Consumers have a higher expectation than ever and the experience they have with a brand is the tell-all for future shopping. As of 2017, eighty-nine percent of businesses were competing for consumers based on customer experience alone.

Customer experience is the new marketing.

As a digital marketing agency in Denver, we’re seeing a steady need to execute a strategy showcasing customer experience.

The first, and most important way to implement a marketing strategy based on customer experience, is to build trust.

Simply put, when you do good business and appreciate your customers, it won’t go unnoticed. Moreover, your customers will be encouraged to leave positive reviews and testimonials to share with your audience.

Positive experience equals positive reviews.

Positive reviews equal recommendations and repeat customers.

What does customer experience include?

Customer experience doesn’t solely mean the direct product or service being used. Customer experience means customer support (online and in person), website and mobile experience.

If your business hasn’t made a mobile-friendly version of your website, it’s time to make it a priority. A poor mobile experience makes fifty-two percent of consumers less likely to purchase from a retailer or service online.

Keep in mind, Google also ranks mobile-friendly sites higher than those that are not!

A Denver web agency like ours who also specializes in digital marketing, can turn your website into a seamless experience on a desktop and a mobile device.

By gaining feedback from your consumers on a regular basis, your business has the opportunity to help tailor the experience you’re providing. Collecting data is a crucial part
to understanding your audience, but also to fine-tune the products, services, and experience you provide form them.

The days of brand loyalty starting at home just might be over. However, the opportunity to flourish in a market driven by customer experience is now!

If you’re ready to start building up the brand loyalty for your business, it’s time to get in touch with us.

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