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Marketing to multiple audiences

Marketing to multiple audiences

For many businesses in Denver, digital marketing strategies are centered around a targeted niche audience. While, in general, most businesses aim to reach “as many people as possible”, there is some honing in that needs to be done to reach the greatest potential in a customer.

But what do the best marketing companies in Denver do when a business or organization has multiple audiences? Keep reading - we’re about to dive into it!

What is digital marketing?

First things first - what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a promotional strategy implemented by way of new media outlets like search engine optimization, social media, email and PPC.

Marketing strategies have evolved immensely over the years, but in the present day and age, the world is digital and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon. With over 4.1 billion internet users in the world, marketing a business online is certainly going to pay off in some regard.

The trick? Clearly identifying the audiences you serve and finding where they are on the internet.

Defining the audience.

For many businesses and organizations in Denver, digital marketing experts like us work hard at identifying the clear audience being targeted. Finding the niche of a business is something we excel at!

However, there are times when multiple audiences must be reached. For example, many companies release new products and services used by different people; or nonprofit organizations that not only need volunteers, but need donations. Each objective hosts a different audience.

One might just think, then just market to both.” The complicated part is marketing to both audiences without affecting the results of each other.

When it comes down to it, consumers buy “the why”, not “the what”. When the motivation behind the purchase is identified, the best marketing companies in Denver can strategize a way to successfully market to multiple audiences.

Multiple audiences. Multiple platforms. Multiple messages.

For the clients we serve in Denver, digital marketing means dissecting their business to identify the niche audience/s they need to reach, where they are online and what the message to each must be.

While the voice of a business, regardless of audience, needs to be consistent across the board, the message must be tailored to the platforms being used. Each media platform has their own set of demographics in a way. Having a professional like us understand how to convey each in a unique way makes us one of the best marketing companies in Denver.

One of the best examples of successful marketing to multiple audiences is Lee Jeans. Initially the legacy brand created the first pair of overalls with a special pencil pocket for farmers. From there they grew into creating items for cowboys and ranchers. In time, Lee transitioned into producing casual wear and selling to families in department stores. While the products they have are similar for each audience, the message for both is quite different.

Marketing for multiple audiences requires a special, customized strategy implemented through extensive research and a deep dive into the motivation behind a sale. By identifying the “why” and getting passed the “what”, the perfect message can be conveyed to market on each side.

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