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Mistakes with company rebranding

Mistakes with company rebranding

As a business continues to expand rapidly in different markets, cities and even globally there could be several reasons for rebranding from trademark issues in different cities to develop a new identity with new consumers. 

A rebrand can be a successful change for a business only if done right. These are the mistakes to avoid when rebranding a business.

Just winging it

You can wing a presentation, a client meeting, networking events or a number of tasks, but winging a rebrand for an entire company is not going to work. It is not enough to change logos, colors and call it a day. There needs to be a valid reason for rebranding and marketing efforts need to match this rebrand.

 The Denver digital marketing companies will need to know colors, logos, change accounts, send our PRs to local and national outlets and ensure that consumers and customers understand that the company itself is not changing. 

This is one of the biggest notions that businesses often forget about. How will this affect your overall relationship with your customers? Will they understand? Will the changes affect the overall loyalty? The way ALL of this is handled could make or break a company. 

Is it even required? 

As one of the leading Denver digital marketing companies, our advice is not to rebrand if there is no need. A great example is Gap. As one of the largest retailers out there for clothing, customers assumed that the brand would change their lines, prices or ethics; however, the brand changed their logo and customers were not having it. 

This is because Gap did not consider why consumers were not purchasing from the brand anymore and changing the logo would not help. 

No research involved 

Back to the winging it concept. There are two notions to consider when doing research for a rebrand:

  • How is your company perceived? What are consumers stating about your products or services? Are employees happy?

  • How are competitors doing something better? Maybe a rebrand is not needed but an overhaul of ethics and internal communication. 

Without understanding what internally and externally needs to be changed overtime, the purpose of a rebrand might not be valuable to a business.

Changing entirely 

Yes, a business will change with a rebrand, but do not change too much. If a business changes too much to the point when  its loyal customers and consumers no longer resonate or understand why they are buying your products over the competition, you have lost them. 

A consumer wants a trustworthy and authentic presence. No longer do consumers care that you are offering x, y or z but the ethics behind the business and who you are. 

If you lose what makes your company different than the competition, then it is all for nothing. 

Not being consistent 

Are consumers confused on who your business is? Once the new brand is launched, website changes have been made, social media accounts updated and consumers have been updated- you have to roll with it. No longer using the old name, colors, logos and anything else. You have to move forward and be consistent with the new brand. 

You can still be you, but the business is now a bit different. Stand firm and let consumers know that YOU as a BUSINESS have not changed! 

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