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New web design agency trends for 2019

New web design agency trends for 2019

We’re veterans in the Denver web design world. Having been at this for over ten years, we’ve seen a lot of online trends come and go! While some might see the fleeting trends as just one more way to “Keep up with the Joneses” we can’t help but view it as a way to watch technology evolve.

As much as a web design agency finds the importance in aesthetic trends, we find a great deal of importance in user trends, machine learning and innovative backend technologies.

So, if you’re exploring the idea of contacting a Denver web design company in the near future, here are some things to keep in mind!


No, not the kind of audio that plays as your website loads. That trend left with Von Dutch trucker hats in the early 2000s.

We’re talking about voice search or Voice User Interface (VUI). While you’re exploring the idea of having a web design agency create a killer homepage, really consider having your site optimized for voice search.

Combining both a visually appealing design and voice-optimized site can be complicated, but we promise, it’s worth it. A Denver web design professional like us can make them work synonymously!

Get Personal.

To be honest, personalization is something our web design agency geeks out over. We love the idea of a website that evolve as users work through it or even creating custom landing pages that display based on location.

There are thousands of ways a business can create a custom experience for their users. Through research, user testing and studying your audience, a professional like us can truly create a unique and custom experience for your customers!

Augmented Reality.

Nothing feels more futuristic than Augmented Reality (AR). The capabilities it has in creating a unique experience for your audience still blows our socks off to this day. Who doesn’t want to be submerged in an overall experience?! Knowing your website can take you there? Amazing.

Regardless of the industry your business is in, AR is a trend we predict completely taking off in really cool ways! From building walkthroughs to overall experience simulators - the possibilities are truly endless!


With the attention span of website users dwindling by the nanosecond, Denver web design agencies like ours are seeing the need for instant feedback and instant answers.

As challenging as it is to adjust to the attention deficits we’re seeing, it’s important to keep up with what users want in a website experience. Fortunately, chatbots have been developed to improve efficiency and buy some time for customer service teams.

If your business is one that takes questions and needs to offer feedback in volumes, chatbots are certainly the way to go in your new web design. Chatbots even pair up perfectly with the personalization that we talked about early.

So, as you consider contacting a Denver web design company, consider ones that will not only elevate the visual aspect of your site, but the new trends that use innovative technology!

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