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Newsletters for the win!

Newsletters for the win!

If a company is already integrating email marketing into their daily digital marketing strategies, a newsletter should be on the calendar each month. A newsletter is a simple piece of email marketing content that can be distributed easily and repurposed into a social media or blog post. 

This is what a newsletter is and the importance of this email marketing Denver strategy. 

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a form of email marketing sent on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep consumers and clients updated on the happenings inside of the company. A newsletter is part of the overall email marketing Denver strategy set in place to help nurture current clients, build brand awareness and it allows for communication between your company and clients. 

The overall purpose of a newsletter is to reach your audience or a larger audience. Whether it is an email about the latest promotion happening or about some new office updates and changes, it is all about keeping your company’s name in front of the clients. Think of it as a way to keep clients up-to-date without anyone having to actually communicate with one another. Gotta love the benefits of technology.

The importance


Email marketing has been around since the 90s and companies still suggest that email marketing is one of the best marketing tools for a measurable ROI. It is stated that by 2020 there will be more than 259 million consumers who are using emails on a regular basis, if not a daily basis. 

Yes, digital marketing has millions of users as well, but when someone signs up for a newsletter or campaign with email marketing they WANT to see your campaigns. On social media, consumers are scrolling and scrolling with the possibility of not stopping to check out your content. 

Campaign Monitor states that, “email marketing has an ROI of 3800 percent!” 3,800 percent. That is quite the ROI for any company. 

Brand awareness 

What are consumers thinking when they see your company’s logo or hear the name? Positive, negative or neither? Brand awareness in a digital world is the notion of what consumers consider when hearing your company’s name. If a monthly newsletter helps to increase brand awareness, why not utilize it with that ROI listed above! 

Reach a larger target audience 

A company understands their target audience, who they are and the content that they enjoy. But, do not stop at reaching a small target audience. Whether it is local, national or global audience, if it is the right target audience that is what really counts. A simple email sent out can reach thousands of consumers in a matter of seconds, and if you can automate the process, it got even simpler. 


This is not a new concept in the email marketing world, but as consumers are searching for brands they can resonate with, personalization continues to be an email marketing Denver strategy needed. A newsletter can be personalized by simply stating, “Hey John, check this out.” 

Why does this matter? This matters because the consumer feels the company cares about them. They took the time to send a personalized email. (In all reality it was automated.) This takes no extra time and still provides the newsletter to consumers each and every month, but gives a special touch at the beginning of the email. 

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