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Our top five reasons blogs help small businesses

Denver digital marketing firms use a variety of platforms to get the word out about clients: email marketing, social media, video marketing and blogs. Why do we include blogs on this list? Do they really help small businesses? Today, we’re looking at how blogs can help your business grow!

Why you should have a blog for your small business

To help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts

Regular, high-quality content helps your site get noticed by the search engines. Over time, as you add more content, you will see your search engine rankings improve also.

Why? Each time you write a blog post, it is another indexed page on your website. This is an additional opportunity for your site to show up in search engines. It also drives traffic to your website via organic search.

For your own market research

Once you start plugging content into your site, you’ll be able to use your Analytics to see what pages are getting the most traffic. This translates into what your audience most wants to see from you. Using this research, you will know what content to keep creating and what content to let die.

Another side to the market research comes into play when you have an engaged following. You can ask questions or request feedback from them via your blog and you may elicit some responses that can lead your business into brave new fronts for products or services.

To communicate and connect with customers

With your blog, since most blog writing is more informal, you will be able to communicate on a much more accessible level with your audience. While your blog will be building your brand’s reputation, you’ll also be able to showcase the human side of your business.

Your blog can also be used to post important company updates for everyone to read so people will know where to go for announcements. Social media updates and email announcements can sometimes get “lost in the mix” of everyday life. If the information is readily available in the blog channel on your site, you’ll be able to keep your audience consistently updated.

To become known as an expert in your field and build your credibility

If you have a product that you have developed or services that you offer, you are already an expert. The key is to let other people know you’re an expert, too. What better way than to regularly offer expert advice, tips and tricks or posts about things going on in your industry?

To network

As your blog gains momentum and an audience, you may be offered opportunities to connect with other thought leaders or influencers in your field. This, in turn, may lead to future opportunities for your business.

Not sure what to write about on your blog?

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