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Set your digital marketer up for success

Believe it or not, having a successful relationship with your newly hired digital marketing team (eh hem…us) does require a little legwork on your end as the client.

If any of you have ever worked in the bar business, you understand what it means to set your next shift up for success. Consider us your bar staff.

Tips to be successful.

Keep us stocked.
Just as a bar needs to have enough backstock of libations to accommodate their patrons each night, we need backstock too.

Backstock for your digital marketing team includes:

  • Proper access and current social media login information.
  • Facts and/or unique stories about your business.
  • Custom images for blogging and social media posts.
  • Specials or promotions planned for the future.

Keep the customer first.
Professional bartenders always put their customers first. And so do digital marketers.

Digital marketing is intended to reach your customers. However, sometimes we find clients forgetting the real wants and needs of their desired audience.

Ways to keep your customer first:

  • Stick to what your digital marketer is doing to create engagement.
  • Don’t be afraid to be basic. Edgy isn’t always awesome. Assess your business, who your clientele is, and who you want as leads in the future.

Don’t over-serve.
We all know the consequences of over-serving alcohol. But there can be consequences to “over-serving” online as well.

Too many social media posts can flood your followers. Each platform has a recommended amount of content a business should be putting out each day. Stick to that schedule.

Ways to not over-serve content:

Quality over Quantity.
There are premixed margaritas and there are handcrafted margaritas. The handcrafted is always better. Do they cost more than the premixed that you can serve more of at a lesser price point? Of course.

But, quality is better than quantity.

The same goes for your digital marketing campaigns. Would you rather have a basic strategy that you see every competitor of yours use? Or would you rather have a “homemade” strategy that suits your taste, audience and voice?

Ways to get quality over quantity:

  • Custom visuals. Have professional photos taken and custom videos produced.
  • Send feedback! If you have an idea to custom tailor your content, let us know!

Spot the troublemaker.
Every bar has one. And every social profile has one.

By having a plan in place to combat trolls and or negative comments, you can eliminate a problem later on.

Ways to prepare for the troublemaker:

  • Be proactive. Communicate with your digital marketer before a troublesome comment pops up.
  • Be prepared to give a response and address the issue tactfully.

By keeping a tight and trusting relationship with the team working on your digital marketing, you’re able to set each other up for success.

Need ideas?

We have more ideas on how to help your digital marketer!

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