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Social Media Marketing for Boutique Businesses

Social Media Marketing for Boutique Businesses

So, you’ve hopped on the bandwagon and started a boutique business! We’re seeing more and more of these business ventures pop up around the local Denver market! There’s nothing more refreshing, yet stressful, than good ol’ fashioned entrepreneurship!

Whether you aspire to open up a small bakery in Glendale or a dress shop in RiNo, chances are in today's day and age, you’ll begin selling your products on social media first. We’ve seen these businesses time and time again pop up via a little DIY social media marketing. So how do you determine the best place to get your start? Let’s take a look.

Social media for boutiques


“A well-optimized Facebook Business Page could end up ranking on the first page of Google, alongside your website. In the long run, Facebook will likely act as a major traffic source to your website - especially so if you decide to run Facebook ad campaigns throughout the year.”

- Audrey Strasenburgh, SEO Strategist at LogoMaker.

SEO aside, Facebook is the OG of social media platforms that is an effective tool for marketing. Regardless of the changes in demographics Facebook sees, a business Page is a “MUST” for us! Having a platform to publish shareable content in a simple way is huge. Additionally, selling products on Facebook is relatively simple and comes with a plethora of sale integrations.

While there are some simple things you could accomplish with DIY social media marketing on Facebook, it’s best to utilize a professional!


Instagram’s platform is an easy way for a boutique business to, more or less, display a more curated version of a website. Now, Instagram allows for direct “go to” shopping links. The convenience factor is serious with Instagram!

Instagram is also the perfect place to showcase who your boutique is as a brand. This platform allows for some serious authenticity to shine through! Through live Instagram feeds and Stories that show highlights, user-generated content, and a way to speak one-on-one with your customer base - it’s a real win.


Pinterest is not dead! Especially for businesses in boutique businesses. However, Pinterest is not only the queen of pallet furniture and at-home hacks, but also DIY social media marketing, which can be quite dangerous! Hiring a professional to dive deep into the analytics of your Pinterest account can be vital!

Andrew Browne of Browne Box Creative Solutions days, ‘In the short-term, boutique businesses can learn what content and products the local creative community responds to through the number of repins they receive.”

Naturally, Pinterest provides a lot of intel. Not only does it portray what people are interested in buying now, but what they might be interested in buying a few months from now.

Should social media replace a website?

NO! Just because your boutique business can sell online by way of social media platforms does not mean your business should go without a website!

Why? A few reasons, actually!

  1. Social media platforms change and go down. It’s like the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It’s smart to have your business available to sell in multiple ways, your website being one of them.

  2. SEO. It’s important to your business to be found online, obviously, but it’s mostly important to have your potential customers find you online as well.

  3. Credibility. Your website is oftentimes the first impression of your business. By having a current and updated website with helpful information, your business is more trustworthy to potential business.

The boutique business is a popular one these days! By utilizing the right social platforms, your business can generate sales, brand awareness and future business. Do you need help with social media for your new boutique?

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