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Standing out on social media

Facebook houses eighty million small and medium-sized business pages. Of these eight million, an average of six million advertise on the platform.

Now, we’re far from math experts, but if six million businesses publish at least one post a day per week, the world is receiving one hundred sixty-eight million forms of content each month.

Basically, we’re drowning in social media content.

This poses the question, how does a business stand out on social media?

Standing out on social media

What’s the point?

First things first, determine your objective with a social media strategy. Without a defined goal to your posts, you’ll have a hard time finding the best way to be creative.

Is your goal to build brand awareness? To grow customer relationships? Perhaps you’re simply looking to make sales?

The goals you’re looking to accomplish through social media will be the guide to the kind of content you push out.

Who’s your audience?

Understanding your audience is one of the most important parts of standing out amongst the crowd. Truly understanding your audience provides insight to the kind of content to post, but also the tone and personality you should deliver with it.

Outlining the demographics of customers you currently serve in addition to the ones you hope to have is an easy way to set the tone for your social media.

If your audience is athletic females in their early twenties, your brand voice should compliment that. If your business is geared towards “preppers” in the mountains of Colorado, your content should appeal to them.

Who are you?

Collaborating with your social media team to outline the personality and voice of your brand is critical to standing out. To outline your brand voice, consider making a fictitious character with the personality you want to convey.

Think the Geico Gecko or The Energizer Bunny. Their content mimics the characters they convey.

What does your character like and dislike? Are they funny, serious, snarky or relaxed?

How would you character respond to an upset customer or poor review?

Does your character use jargon or buzzwords? Or do they get straight to the point?

There are many things that go into standing out on social media. As much as your social presence requires creativity and original ideas, it relies heavily on the research you put into your audience.

Standing out on social media calls for unique imagery, user-generated content and relatable experiences.

While digital agencies don’t have an exact recipe to give on standing out on social media, the experience they have in understanding an audience and unique content can get you closer to your goal.

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