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Startups: Email, digital marketing or both?

 Startups: Email, digital marketing or both?

It takes a team of dedicated and like-minded entrepreneurs to create a successful startup, but no matter where your business idea was created, there are thousands of startups each and everyday! 

In the startup industry, startups that are successful are considered “unicorns.” These unicorns break through the saturated markets and become some of the most successful businesses out there. A great example is Uber. Uber was a startup idea that transformed into a ride-sharing app that’s valued at $68 billion. 

How can a startup transform into a unicorn that  flies over the sky with glitter sprinkling over all the consumers? Maybe email marketing, digital marketing, social media management or all of it? 

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is an old school marketing tactic that is not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2023, it is estimated that there will be 4.3 billion people who will be using an email platform. You read that correctly, 4.3 billion consumers. These 4.3 billion consumers will be receiving hundreds of promotions and emails from businesses.

But, why would a startup use email marketing? 

This type of marketing helps to build credibility with consumers. First, all consumers need to understand who you are. What is your business? The overall goals. It takes about seven times for a consumer to see your business, logo or content to start remembering you. 

The founder of Ahern Donor Communication states, “For years, in large part to the newsletter I think, I’ve never had trouble attracting new clients and the right kind of clients. People will read my newsletter and be able to tell if I’m the right person for the project before they even call me.” 

This is the perfect example of building credibility over time and consumers associating your startup with products and services. 

Once this brand awareness and credibility is established with consumers and clients, you need to nurture that relationship. Don’t ghost a consumer or client. A simple monthly newsletter or a quarterly email will help nurture those leads. Email gives you the tools to speak to your consumers and clients on a personal level. 

Now, social media is obviously an important aspect in marketing and growing a startup. 

Benefits of social media marketing

As the best Denver SEO company in the Denver market, social media is always needed and we will shout this from the mountain tops! Meet us there? Social media can be classified as the uncovered unicorn of marketing. This is because social media can be used to put your startup on the map! 

A startup can hire a digital marketing agency to create Facebook Ads, boost posts, create IG stories, IG ads, video content along with publishing organic content for search purposes and overall marketing strategies! 

As Sprout Social suggest, the best part about social media is the ability to spy on competition. Type in a hashtag that is relevant to your industry. What are the others saying? Who would be the biggest competitors? 

Engage, create brand awareness, generate leads and nurture leads and beat your competition with social media marketing.  

Benefits of a fully encompassing digital marketing plan 

Lyfe Marketing states, “More and more small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. In fact, U.S. digital marketing spend will rise to about $332 billion in 2021.” 

Our professionals are here to tell all startups that it can be easy to try to go the DIY route. There is Wix, WordPress, HootSuite to schedule posts, it is free to create accounts and Constant Contact allows for email marketing; however, an agency knows how to get the most out of all of these strategies. Denver Media Group offers digital marketing services offer an array of services from email marketing to PPC advertising. While creating a website is free, creating social accounts is free and everything else is pretty low cost, will you have time to manage it? 

As the best Denver SEO company, our experts are versed in all of these services from search engine optimization to social media management. It is our jobs. So, allow yourself to grow your unicorn start up and let us do the heavy lifting. 

The end results? All of it. As a startup is trying to break through the market and industry, it is imperative to put effort into all of these marketing strategies and others the best Denver SEO company will recommend. Contact us today for more information! 

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