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The best marketing companies in Denver talk boosted posts!

The best marketing companies in Denver talk boosted posts!

It’s amazing how quickly social media has changed in the last fifteen years! Long gone are the days of savagely ranking your Top 8 best friends on Myspace or only connecting with your Harvard buddies on Facebook!

As the wants and needs have evolved with social media, the business side of things have also changed. While the original scope for social media platforms like Facebook was to connect mutual friends and families, businesses found an opportunity for free organic reach! It seemed like the natural, smart thing, right?

Boy how things have changed.

With social media platforms taking the world by storm and businesses riding the wave of freedom, there became an oversaturation of content with fewer and fewer people interested in seeing it.

How did social networks like Facebook manage it? They changed their algorithm. What’s the mean for marketing agencies Denver businesses and the like? It became a game of pay to play.

Boosting posts

Unfortunately the days of a business organically reaching an audience on social media are pretty slim. Ok, really slim. Without an already-established following and a fierce and loyal group of content sharers, the reach of your social media posts is likely going to be pretty skimpy.

In fact, in just the first two quarters of 2016, businesses on Facebook saw a massive forty-two percent decline of organic followers. Forty-two! But we can say, it was only a matter of time. If you give a business a free moment to share their content, they’re going to use it!

As a consumer, we know businesses want to sell us something, always. It not a mystery. Now, businesses need to make an effort and allocate dollars to put towards social advertising and reach. This is where boosting posts comes in.

Boosting a post on social media ramps up your already-live social post and extends the reach of it to a broader audience. By having boosted posts on social media, marketing agencies Denver can encourage actions of higher value from a targeted group of people.

Additionally, boosted posts can target consumers that already engage in your brand, have specific qualities about them or have engaged with businesses similar to yours. Super bonus to booting posts on social media? You can set whatever budget you want.

While it’s hard to get past the joys of “free” Facebook for business, it’s time to accept the change. Boosted posts is where it’s at.

Where do we go from here?

1. Make sure your social media profiles are complete. Working with marketing agencies Denver to assure every aspect of your profiles are optimized is one of the best investments you can make. Having your website links current, logos and photos updated and other relevant information is not only a best practice, it helps your future visitors.

2. Allocate marketing dollars for boosted social media posts. Unsure of how much to spend each year? Start small and adjust as you go. Even twenty dollars can gain more traction than an non-boosted post. Pro tip: assess your business calendar to see if you have any upcoming events or hot topics to cross your desk in the future. Having an idea of how many boosted posts you’d like to create each month can give you an idea of how much money you should put towards it.

The best marketing companies in Denver, like us, know all the ins and outs of boosted social media posts. If your business is ready to take action, but doesn’t quite know how to get started, we have a team to help! Don’t know what kind of stuff to boost? Check it with us on Wednesday and we’ll talk you through it!

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