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The best self-motivation books

The best self-motivation books

Self-help, self-determination, self-motivation, success, happiness, wealth and other common phrases all end up being put into a book to help us. The questions we wonder about life could be behind the pages of another self-help book or already inside us. 

Whether you're a fresh out of college kid, a successful manager, a CEO or a multi-millionaire: everyone wants answers to life’s looming thoughts and wonders. 

These are the top self-motivation or help books on the market right now: 


What is Grit? Is it determination to never give up? Are you just not cut-out for whatever the task is? One psychologist decided to figure out what grit is. As a graduate student researching West Point freshman and new arrivals, one thing stuck out, these were the best students in the United States. These teenagers were the 4,000 chosen ones and yet most didn’t make it through the first week of college. Why is that? 

After research, talking to students and faculty one thing kept coming up - when times get hard people start to fall apart. Is that when grit starts to take over to help people succeed? 

You Are A Badass 

The day-to-day life. The everyday chaos and the everyday motions start to get old. You start to wonder, “Is this all that there is for me?” You Are A Badass starts with Jen’s own story of coming to find out there was so much more out there for her. As she states, “I felt like I was going through the motions of living my lukewarm life with the occasional flare-ups of awesomeness here and there. And the most painful part was that deep down I KNEW I was a total rock star..” 

We’ve all been there. But, how do you start to overcoming living this luke-warm life to start living and acting like a total badass Kiss rockstar you are? Figure out what makes YOU happy, motivated and your purpose in this lifetime! 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

This book is different than all the others because it unleashes the truth about self-motivation that often correlates with the happy go-lucky you need to be successful mentality.

“Our culture is obsessively focused on unrealistically positive expectations: Be happier. Be the best, better than the rest. Be smarter, faster, richer, sexier, more popular, more productive, more envied and admired. Be perfect…”

 This continues to go on to only come to the realization that is only fixating on what you don’t have versus what you possess. Just stop giving a f*ck, honestly. 

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 

Emotional Intelligence in the business world will never not be a trending topic. As a business manager, lead, supervisor or employee it’s imperative to understand others emotions. 

Emotional Intelligence is identified as taking one's own emotions and being able to harness those emotions to apply them into tasks like problem-solving and time-management. From there, the next step is the ability to take your emotions and others emotions around you and harness those emotions into tasks like problem-solving and time-management or the appropriate tasks that should be taken. 

How can you evaluate and make the best decision when you don’t even understand your own emotions? That’s where Emotional Intelligence 2.0 come in. 

The book starts with talking about Butch. A man with a wife and kids who was an advent surfer. One morning his life changed when a Great White Shark attacked him. He fought back and in the moments of panic and fear hits the shark and used logic to stay alive. As the fight continued he was able to remain calm. How can anyone remain calm when a Great White Shark is attacking you?! 

This is the start of learning about controlling and adapting emotions with the situation. Would you had let the shark eat you alive because you were terrified? Would you fight back? Would you try to swim away as fast as possible? Or would your fear, panic, anxiety and other emotions inhabit you from making a decision? 

Instead of letting the shark eat you, learn how to be a shark. Stop caring what others think. Stop thinking success is only defined in one way. And finally, realize you’re a badass. 

Any of these books can be bought on Amazon, Barnes n Nobles or at any book store. Find the perfect one for you to continue your success and journey. 

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