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The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist A Colorado SEO Company Can Give

The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist A Colorado SEO Company Can Give

By now, everyone in Colorado has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. The closets have been cleaned, cabinets organized, and sparks of joy have been ignited. However, there’s one last piece of business that needs to be taken care of. Your website.

Every year we encourage businesses contact a local Colorado SEO company to do a little “Spring cleaning” on their website. If search engine optimization is not something your business employs on a regular basis, we highly recommend it.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the marketing practice implemented to increase organic traffic to your website. Simply, SEO makes your website easier to find in a Google (Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) search.

Organic website traffic is important to a business as it brings the best quality traffic to your website. Quality traffic means a more interested visitor. An interested visitor can easily convert into a paying customer. When a Denver SEO expert optimizes your website for it’s intended visitor, the process of converting a visitor to a customer becomes a whole lot simpler.

Why our Colorado SEO company wants you to “Spring Clean”.

Spring is the perfect time to make a fresh start for the year. And truth be told, your success is our success. In order to set your business up for success online, there are some simple updates any business can do to their website before they bring it to a Colorado SEO company* for a complete overhaul.

◻︎ Update basic content
This is an absolute must! Having current, accurate information about your business solidifies the credibility of your operation.

Items to check:

  1. Is your physical address up-to-date?

  2. Is your mailing address the same?

  3. Is your contact form operating correctly?

  4. Is your phone number ringing to the right phone?

◻︎ Update in-depth content
Simple updates to your website can give it a fresh new look! Google loves fresh, current content and your website visitors will too.

Items to update:

  1. Team bios.

  2. Bio photos.

  3. Product descriptions.

  4. Blog content.

◻︎ Check user-friendliness
Every Denver SEO expert will tell you, the first thing to make a website visitor leave is a hard-to-use website. It’s important to conduct a “user-friendliness audit” by entrusting some unbiased peers to use your website as an organic visitor would.

Features to check:

  1. Is your site mobile-friendly?

  2. Do your internal link to the proper pages?

  3. Do your external links go to credible sources?

  4. Is your site filled with too much jargon?

  5. Is your content fulfilling enough?

◻︎ Check your SSL Certificate
Many SSL certificates renew automatically, however, require manual attention! Websites must have SSL certificates to avoid being flagged by Google in 2019.

Ways to check for your SSL certificate:

  1. Visit this blog.

  2. Scan your site from a trusted source here.

Having a fresh, current website is an excellent way to reflect your business. While having an awesome and effective SEO strategy is always a good practice, sometimes businesses are not quite their in their process online. And that’s ok! By following these simple SEO clean-up tips, you’ll at the very least have an updated website your visitors will appreciate.

When you’re ready to hire a Colorado SEO company, you’ll know where to find us!

*Good, quality SEO takes time. These Spring Cleaning SEO tips will be greatly beneficial to you and your users, but know that a more intensive SEO strategy is always the most successful.

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