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The effects of Black Hat SEO

The effects of Black Hat SEO

Regardless of the size of your business, there are always competitors to stay ahead of. When it comes to better search engine rankings, increased traffic and higher quality leads, hiring a Denver SEO expert is your best bet as a business! While there certainly are ways a business can manage a little DIY SEO here and there, it can come at a cost.

There’s “bad” SEO and then there’s Black Hat SEO.

Bad SEO simply doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t help your website out at all, but it doesn’t damage it either. Bad SEO pays no mind to keywords, content quality, file names or linking structures. Bad SEO is basically an oversight altogether. Just one of the many reasons why you need professional Denver SEO services.

Black Hat SEO, however, is a whole different ball game. Black Hat SEO is like a sheisty salesman - doing whatever trickery they can to get ahead. Black Hat SEO is the Dr. Sivana of optimization. Not only can a Denver SEO expert spot it from a mile away, Google can too.

Why is Black Hat SEO a bad idea?

Most importantly, Black Hat SEO creates a terrible experience for your user. Have you ever struggled through a piece of content because it was difficult to read? Chances are you’re reading keyword-stuffed page content. If the language doesn’t flow naturally to you as a user, the higher powers of the internet will know.

Black Hat SEO is Google’s worst enemy and your website will get penalized for it.

What else is considered Black Hat SEO?

Not only is keyword-stuffing a huge no-no, hiding text and links on your website is also considered Black Hat SEO. Professionals offering Denver SEO services would never implement such a practice! It’s simply unethical business.

Thought you’d throw a bunch of keywords on a content page but make them the same color as your background to be invisible? No ma’am. We’re waving the Black Hat flag and so is Google.

Cloaking is another Black Hat strategy aimed at tricking users into clicking links in search engines. Cloaked websites deliver two completely different sets of information - one for a search engine and one for the user. Clearly this is deemed as unreliable by both.

If the person doing your businesses SEO is producing clickbait, spamming blog comments with keywords or buying the misspelled domains of popular websites, it’s time to find a real Denver SEO expert before it’s too late.

What is the penalty?

There are many practices of Black Hat SEO, and the above mentioned are only a fraction of them, but you get the gist! The results a website can get from Black Hat SEO are false, inaccurate and completely temporary. And most of all - wrong.

Black Hat SEO will get you penalized by Google, and not in a hand-slap kind of way. The penalty will assure your website will never be found by online searchers. And no, the problem does not simply go away with time.

In most cases, your Black Hat SEO strategies not only need to be resolved, but you must also explain to Google’s team how you plan to resolve the issues. It takes a lot of work, time and money to resolve the wrong-doings of Black Hat SEO. And this is exactly why it’s important to hire professional Denver SEO services. The investment going into it being done correctly is more affordable than trying to get back into the good graces of Google.

While you might not think a professional SEO is a needed investment, it definitely will be in the long run. Not only for your search engine visibility, but to maintain a good reputation with Google.

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