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The importance of content in 2019

The phrase “content is king” has been wildly popular in the web development and digital marketing world for years. However, it’s quickly transitioning into “content is everything”. We couldn’t agree more.

In the past, web content was oftentimes stuffed with keywords and trickery to rank higher in search engines. In 2019, this is all changing.

2019 is all about the user.

Your audience is the most important.

When creating content for your website, take a step back and consider your audience. Ask yourself, “Is this content for my user or for search engines?”

If you answered search engines, you answered wrong.

Understand the intent of your user and what they’d be interested in reading on your website. The truth is, your website could be perfectly optimized, but if the content isn’t interesting or helpful to the people who use it, your optimization means nothing.

What does your user want?

Determine what your user wants and prefers for content. Do they want to read text, look at image, listen to audio or watch video?

Keep it simple and give them what they want.

Keep in mind, your audience’s preference can quickly change with online trends. So being prepared with different forms of media and content is a wise idea.

Solve problems.

Offering helpful content to your users needs to be a top priority in 2019. While it’s important to give your users a wide variety of information, identifying problems you can solve for them is key.

As we’ve mentioned before, trust is of utmost importance. Your audience will find your business much more trustworthy if you’re willing to help them solve a problem publicly. Don’t be shy to share your expertise! Be the solution to your user’s problems.

If your content is only used to keep your blog alive, it’s time to redirect your focus.

It’s not just Google.

Good content needs to go further than a Google search. Is the content you create beneficial on other platforms like Amazon, Yelp and Zillow?

Having quality content on vertical search platforms is going to become more and more of a necessity in 2019.

Creating content that is helpful and engaging will benefit your search engine results greatly. However, such content that benefits your users and targeted audience is more important. As the expert in your industry, be the solution to your user’s problems.

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