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The Importance Of Font In Website Design

A website with a compelling design, filled with interesting and relevant content, is a great start, but it will only go so far.

For your website to really excel, the design must tie in with the rest of your company’s branding and image.

A surprisingly big piece to creating the perfect website design is the font you chose.

Here are our top suggestions to improve your user experience design through the perfect font:

Choose The Perfect Blend Of Contrasting Colors.

If your text is hard to read it can have a negative impact on your brand and your business.

It is important to have the right contrast between the background of the website and the text. Using contrasting colors such a blue background with white text is a good rule of thumb but you can get creative and use other colors that match your company’s colors.

Maintaining your company’s color palette allows you to have consistent branding and a great user experience that speaks for itself. Your website visitors will appreciate the uniformity and your play on colors.

The chance of converting visitors to customers increases when they find something of value in your content, displayed in those colors.

When designing your website, let the creative juices flow! But, always keep in mind that readability is vital to a positive user experience.

To Serif Or Not To Serif?

Family is family, you don’t get to choose it. While this might be true for your physical family and relatives, it certainly is not the case with the font family that you decide to use for your website.

The two common types of font families that you can use are the Serif and the Sans Serif (literally translates as without serif).

If you find yourself wondering what Serif is…

First, it’s “a serif.” Second, it’s those pointy edges at the end of the letters in the particular font family.

For instance, Times New Roman is part of the serif family because you can visibly see the pointy edges on the t, I, r, and z letters, in particular.

What you have to remember when you’re choosing fonts is that while there are awesome fonts out there, and they do look cool, you have to see things from the perspective of your website visitors’ eyes.

Be Selective About Your Font Sizes As Well.

The size of your font is also extremely important.  A general guideline is to keep your font body at 16 pt., so that your content can be easily read by visitors to your website.

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