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The magical 80/20 math behind social media marketing

Strategic social media marketing in the current generation gives the highest conversion rates. Although no particular formula can be applied for a successful business, a method can be followed to better reach your audience.

The formula (80/20 rule)

The principle is simple: 80 percent of conversions come directly from 20 percent of actual promotions. If content sounds like a complete pitch, you will lose the customer’s interest.

Unnecessary boosting of content also annoys the customer. Therefore, the 80/20 strategy is necessary to keep the customer hooked.

20 percent of thoughtful promotions

This includes complete brand promotions. Any form of advertising should be done in this percentage bracket. This part of the 80/20 strategy includes:

  • Offers and discounts available
  • New products launched
  • Availability of the products
  • The brand quality of the product
  • Explanations and descriptions of the product
  • The USP of the product

Even in this section,  it is important to ensure the content is crisp and to the point. Unnecessary lengthening of the promotions will also make the customer lose interest in the post.

80 percent of engaging content

This is what actually holds the interest of the audience. Make sure this content really caters to the interests and needs of your audience.

It means compiling content from influencers with whose ideas and insights you agree. It shows your knowledge and insight about your industry. This will cultivate a connection to the way you do business and your opinions about your field.

You can achieve this by picking up contents that will interest your audience and sharing them. Here, the main target is about building your relationship. It should not be about selling your services.

This means the majority of your posts should be about the benefits and advantages for the customer. In this section, absolutely no advertising or promotions should be visible.

The links or content you share here should be:

  • Valuable and informative
  • Should come from reliable sources.
  • The content should be well-written and crafty enough to hold the audience’s interest.
  • Should never ever sound like a pitch to your services
  • Should be engaging so your audience can easily connect.

Although these posts do not directly provide traffic to your site, we should make sure these efforts do not go waste.

It is essential to share and encourage relative content online. Hundreds of irrelevant and poorly-written content will act like a negative effect on the brand. This will lead to losing credibility with  your customers.

The online footprint of a business acts like the face of the business. Using this in a systematic and disciplined manner by following the 80/20 rule ensures a splendid branding process in the long run making your business has more reliable, highly sociable, consistent and sustainable network. It will help you build a strong profitable customer relationship.

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