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The risk in DIY social media marketing

Social media marketing is an essential part of any business in today’s day and age. Currently, 91 percent of retail brands are using at least two social media platforms. And 81 percent of all small and medium businesses are using a social platform in some way or form.

We completely understand how a business would be interested in DIY social media marketing. How hard can it be? You just post on Facebook and Instagram every now and then, right?

There is risk in DIY social media marketing.

It might seem like a practical business move to utilize a DIY social media marketing strategy. Perhaps it’s due to budget constraints or you possibly have someone in your established business that has dabbled in social media before.

While DIY social media marketing can be a cost-effective approach in the beginning, recovering from mistakes can be extremely costly in the long run. Having your social media marketing done in a strategic, goal-driven manner by a professional can be one of the best investments you make in your business.

There are some serious flaws that can take place with a DIY approach. Mainly, business feel that the job they do on their own is “good enough”. And they oftentimes don’t see the value in social marketing tactics like they do in television, radio, and print media.

Another main risk you face in DIY plans? Time management.

More often than not, most small businesses who pass social media efforts on to someone within the company add it to an already full plate. We can relate to the days of everyone wearing as many hats as possible. We’ve been there!

But there are days when Carol at the front desk needs to prioritize the non-stop phones or accounts receivable, and not social media.

Social media strategy is not only a game of strategy, it’s a game of consistency. Consistent schedule. Consistent content. Consistent voice.

Moreover, there is a major technical aspect of social media marketing many businesses overlook. The research that goes into a social strategy is extensive. It’s not only about knowing who your target audience is on social platforms, but knowing where they are, when they’re there, and what they’re going to do when they’re there.

Technical aspects also include analyzing platform insights of engagement rates, impressions, and curating content to the likes of your users.

And most of all, setting up your platforms in the best way possible for your business. While it might seem simple in the beginning, it can get extremely complicated! If platforms aren’t setup correctly, fixing them can not only take up a drastic amount of time, but it can also cost you followers and traffic to your website!

Did you know that 60 percent of small businesses are unsure if they even own their Google My Business listing? Digital strategy on a Google My Business listing is an essential piece to not be overlooked. What else might be overlooked?

It’s time to scrap the DIY social media marketing plan you’ve been attempting

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