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The two social media marketing goals you should be setting

The two social media marketing goals you should be setting

As a longtime social media consultant, Denver Media Group takes great pride in being one of the most seasoned experts in the area! We’re passionate about all things digital marketing, but setting social media goals and dominating them really gets us going!

Social media marketing is the process of increasing traffic and visibility through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social media marketing can create many benefits for every size of business. From connecting with an intended audience, to increasing your opportunity for sales - social media marketing is an affordable, modern way to market your business.

We’re a goal-oriented business. Not just for the sake of measuring progress, but to consistently create the results for our clients.

There are common misconceptions about digital marketing and social media that make goal-setting more complicated. As a social media consultant, Denver Media Group can help turn those misconceptions in to smart, measurable goals!

Setting good social media goals

Social media should obtain “as many followers as possible” right way.

Why this is an unrealistic goal:
When it comes to social media marketing, the amount of followers you have will not determine the amount of business you have. Sure, there are “black hat” ways of collecting social followers, but as an expert social media consultant, Denver Media Group will never participate in those practices.

With social media marketing, growing your followers is all about the quality you receive. In the end, the number of followers you have might give your business a little bit of credibility, but if those followers are not turning into revenue, those numbers, unfortunately, don’t matter.

Better goals to set:
Increase brand awareness by expanding audience reach. Not only is this a measurable goal, it gives your business the opportunity to grow with quality followers.

By expanding your reach, you’re putting yourself in front of a targeted audience specific to your business. Remember, quality over quantity.

Social media should increase my sales by 100% right away!

Why this is an unrealistic goal:

A big part of social media marketing is spreading brand awareness. Many times it can take several brand impressions before your audience converts to a customer. In fact, while a person only needs ten seconds or less to form a first impression of a business, it can take five to seven times before they start recognizing a logo. So naturally, it can genuinely take a little extra time to start converting sales.

Better goals to set:
Gain more website traffic through social media.

By driving your social media traffic to your website, you’re setting up the opportunity to showcase your products and services, educate your audience and give them a reason to come back. When your web traffic picks up, you’re increasing your chances of sales.

When it comes to digital marketing, Denver Media Group will set quality, realistic goals for your social media strategy. Through curated content, premium social media posts and quality content, your brand presence will grow with time! Quality goals not only benefit your social media, but compliment your SEO strategy as well.

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