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Top 3 DIY Social Media Marketing Fails

Top 3 DIY Social Media Marketing Fails

DIY social media marketing can be a trigger-worthy topic for many in the digital marketing industry.

It’s been said that in present-day, we’re living in a DIY society. Be it crocheting a scarf or building a new home, the do-it-yourself craze is huge! And while many DIY projects are successful and worthy of a pat on the back, some have major disadvantages and repercussions. One of the don’t do it alone is DIY social media marketing.

What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the strategy of gaining traffic and brand awareness through social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media is the perfect place to discover new content, share news and updates and interact with the audience that supports your business. Naturally, in our modern, digital world, social media is where your business needs to be.

The “problem” with social media marketing is that over 77% of the US population uses social media.

You might say, “But that’s 77% more people our business can reach on social media!

What is DIY social media marketing?

Just as it sounds, DIY social media marketing is attempting to market your business on social platforms without any expertise to back it up.

It’s sometimes assumed that if you’ve ever maintained a personal social account in any way, shape or form, that you can perform DIY social media marketing for a business without any problems.

While, to be honest, that can be true in some instances. In our experience, we’ve found many organizations come to us after they’ve tried DIY social media marketing for a while, and then decided it was best to pass it on to a professional.

As it’s been said, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Top 3 DIY social media marketing fails

1- You have the wrong objective

Many businesses believe that as soon as they hop on the social media train, they’ll triple their business in a month. It’s not uncommon for organizations to come to us after the let down of not seeing any results right away.

Social media marketing needs to be approached with a defined intention before you even get started. The intention of your social media plan will set the stage for your content, voice, calls to action, imagery - everything.

More often than not, a DIY social media marketing strategy lacks the fundamental digital channels a business should use to have success.

2- You’re too busy for your audience

Most commonly DIY social media marketing is done by an intern or random employee in a business. Seems like the obvious route to go, right?

But answer this…

Why put the responsibility of your businesses brand awareness on the shoulders of someone lacking the expertise or time to do so?

The truth is, brand awareness is everything, and not something we take lightly. Building and maintaining it should be done by someone who has the knowledge and time to nourish the brand you worked so hard to build.

Interns leave and employees get busy doing the other tasks they must do to keep your operations running. When the day-to-day hustle and bustle gets going, the first thing to take a back seat is the DIY social media marketing. We’ve seen it a million times.

3- Attention to detail

Social media marketing is so much more than posting a Facebook status or Instagram photo at random. The strategy behind each post, as we’ve mentioned, needs to be set with intention. Intention means: audience, purpose, voice, goals.

Lacking the attention to detail in DIY social media marketing can sail your company right into murky waters. Marketing to the wrong audience will not generate quality traffic or leads. The wrong hashtags can get your business flagged on social platforms. Not engaging with your audience can make your business seem robotic.

Everything done in social media; from the post times, location settings, engagement strategies - they all require research, strategy, and again, intention. When they don’t, your business won’t succeed.

Now, this is where a professional social media manager comes in. A.K.A. Denver Media Group. We dedicate our days to the growth of other businesses on social media. Their growth is our growth.

A professional, like us, understands how to set a strategy with intent, has the time to execute it, and is detail oriented. So, save yourself the struggle, and skip DIY social media marketing. You’ll thank us later.

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