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Upcoming industries for social media marketing

Social media has been a fruitful marketing strategy for a vast array of businesses. In fact, over fifty million businesses utilize Facebook Business Pages, countless Instagram pages and other platforms. There is a platform for every industry that can cater to their desired audience.

Some industries haven’t been convinced that social media is the right approach for their business. However, trends are showing a sudden peak of activity from unsuspecting industries.

What industries can thrive from social media marketing in 2019?


The manufacturing industry has certainly been slow to adopt the idea of social media marketing. Though, as a social media agency in Denver, we’re seeing an increased interest in the need for brand awareness in the trade-based market!

We’re really excited about this trend as both the manufacturing and social media industries are both so hands on! They’re the perfect pair.

Social media marketing in the manufacturing industry is all about educating B2B customers, offering customer support, building relationships and obtaining feedback for the future.


The finance industry is regulated in a multitude of ways making many hesitant towards having a social media strategy. However, with the right approach, businesses in this trade can build a great rapport with their audience!

As we all recognize, trust is crucial to any business. Social media allows for financial institutions to be transparent online, share success stories, educate its audience and keep up with up-and-coming generations.

In the past, many in the finance industry assumed their audience wasn’t on social media. However, with millennials now aging at 22-27 years old, it’s safe to say they’re on social media. In 2019, we hope to see the finance industry taking value in the platforms!


The hospitality industry is ever changing, however, their social presence has been slow to evolve. Creative agencies in Denver, Colorado are now noticing an interest in the need for social media marketing in this industry

While much of social media marketing in the hospitality world can be to promote vacation getaways and holiday deals, it’s the perfect place to build your brand.

Much like the finance industry, many were hesitant to utilize social media fearing their audience was elsewhere. However, platforms like Instagram have encouraged travel, adventure and hospitality stays worldwide. It’s only fitting for lodging, transportation and tourism to take to the platform as well.

Social media marketing is often interpreted as useful only on a personal level. But with preparation and the right digital agency on your side, it can take your industry to a new level.

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