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User Generated Content Is The Way To Great SEO And Better Traffic

You may have heard the adage that your best marketers are your consumers. This has quite a large degree of truth to it when you really think about it. After all, who can be more credible and excited about your product than a consumer who not only buys from you repeatedly, but also persuades other consumers to try your product or services out?

There is a reason why many people trust online reviews written by other people like them as much as they can trust face to face suggestions from people in their personal and professional circle. It’s the credibility that you could most definitely benefit from as a business.

Why Does User Generated Content (UGC) Work?

Marketing that makes use of user generated content is shown to work for many businesses as consumers display a high regard for the advice given to them by people who are just like them, only online. User generated content works because of a simple response known as social proof. It is completely psychological in nature.

The way social proof works is that when you see someone doing a particular action, you tend to learn from what happens to them. A simple example is of someone going over a slippery path, and a misstep causes them to lose their balance and fall. So now, you will be more careful when deciding to walk on that path or just avoid it altogether.

Social proof has made its way to the internet as well. Reviews act as the action that the people can learn from and alter their (purchasing) behaviors or decisions. It’s when the specific actions of people show how others must act when faced with a similar situation.

People’s Advice Has A Significant Impact On Others’ Decision-Making.

People are really careful about following advice of other, more credible, sources when making decisions. In a real world scenario, you would be less likely to walk over a path if you are forewarned by someone that it is slippery and may cause you to fall.

You don’t know whether they are telling the truth but instinct causes you to believe what they are saying. If you agree with them, you’re preventing a possible fall. You have limited knowledge about the path so you choose to avoid it because of the uncertainty. Plus, you’re more accepting of the opinion of your friend who warned you about the trip hazard.

The same is the case for an online review for your business. It helps guide the decisions of potential customers with positive reviews, because they value the opinion of someone who has already bought your product.

Customer Reviews On Your Website Drive Greater Traffic.

With the loads of businesses and brands out there, it is important for you to establish a relationship of trust with your audience.

When you have credible reviews on your website, you can increase your organic page visits in a matter of a few months.

Google as a search engine is the first stop on many customers’ buying journeys and it seems to favor user generated content. UGC helps you create better content, as well as context for that content.

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